Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wax: The Saga Continues

The Saga continues...

Wax on my fenders.

May of 2015 I decided to wax my Jeep and ended up getting some of the wax on my fenders. Yeah... yeah... I know I should have taped them, or used a different kind of wax. Well a little too late. 

So for over a year I have trying many home remedies and store products to get rid of the wax. 

Finally in September, I thought I found the solution, Mother's Back to Black, until a heavy rain poured down onto my Jeep. 

The rain transformed my fenders back to the same old wax stained fenders. It seems everything I use is a short term cover up, not a removal.

I resigned myself to the fact the wax was there to stay. But just recently a fellow Jeeper, Gary Perkins, suggested a new solution. So I said "What the Heck" and gave it a try.

 Milsek Furniture oil. The labels suggests it polishes and cleans at the same time. It is meant to protect wood finishes from moisture and dry air. As well as cover scratch marks and remove water rings. 

It is also supposed to remove soap film from shower doors. AND... you can use it on all wood surfaces, vinyl, car bumpers and dash. So I gave it a try by squeezing some of the oil on a damp cloth and began to scrub.

It sure shined up those dull faded fenders. Plus the wax is gone. But is it really gone or just covered up. Only time will tell. 

Oh I forgot... It also leaves a fresh, clean scent. My bottle was a holiday-raspberry scent. The squirrels seem to like it as I found one on my rear tire this afternoon. 

Stay tuned for an update on the Saga of Wax. 

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