Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Cleanse

There are many milestones in our lives. Turning 50 is one of those. When it was my turn, I struggled with it. One of those struggles was knowing I would need to get my first colonoscopy. I dreaded it. I heard lots of stories of how awful it was ~ the prep part anyways. 

Well, I finally scheduled mine. To be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The lack of solid food was the most difficult part for me. I spent 42 hours without solid food. 

TIP #1 -- Schedule your Colonoscopy in the morning! 

My appointment was at 12:15 pm. The whole process ~ checking in, prep, procedure and follow up took two hours. 

The prep drink was "icky", but not as "icky" as the orange drink I had to drink when I was pregnant.

TIP #2 - I chilled mine before I drank it. 

The cleanse process... well if you have ever been sick with the stomach bug, this cleanse is easy peasy! I was expecting to be up all night, but I got the best night sleep I had in a long time. Normally I wake up several times a night because of hot flashes or my weak bladder. Not this night. WHOO-HOO! 

Tip #3 - Just do it when the time comes. So easy compared to waiting until you have cancer. 

All in all, it was not a bad experience, just time consuming. The best part was my lunch after the procedure. After 42 hours of no solid food you appreciate the food much more. I went to California Tortilla and ate two blackened chicken tacos and loaded chicken nachos. YUMMY! YUMMY! 

Oh!  Another good thing... I started the new year out with a cleanse, minus the tacos and nachos. That motivates me to eat healthy. I can't wait to try out the new soups I found online. 

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