Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Top 5 Mods for Winter

Old Man Winter is here and it is never to late to be prepared. These modification are a great addition to help you get through the season easier.

Hard Top

Soft top Wrangler covers are great for warm sunny days. But when the cold comes some of you might be looking for a hard top. For places with extremely cold temps a good hard top will provide a solid seal and keep the cold outside. It also keeps out moisture build up and hold ups to extremely cold conditions. Make sure you inspect it for cracks in the seal and other damage. These cracks will let in the cold air or moisture from the snow. 

As for me! I will be skipping this modification. The weather here in Maryland very rarely reaches those extreme low temps. My Jeep heaters do just fine when I am out and about. 


Winter driving in the ice and snow takes good winter driving skills.  This and good winter ~ snow and ice ~ tires go hand in hand. Make sure your tires aren’t old and bald. This will cause you to slide on the snow and ice no matter how careful you are. In snow country you will want snow tires with thicker tread or studded tires. They provide additional grip when stopping and accelerating. 

I am pretty excited to try out my new Goodyear Duratracs I got in June when I lifted my Jeep. I am told these tires are one of the best in snow and ice conditions. I will keep you posted on how they do.

Grille Guard

The grille guard is not just for looks, it’s for protections. In the winter there will be a point when you slip and slide while driving your Jeep. It could be a minor slide or a 360 degree circle --- those sometimes can be real fun.  Or another car could be doing the slipping and sliding dance. Either way a grille guard on the front of your Jeep could protect your Jeep from front-end damage.

4wd Tune Up

If you haven’t  engaged your 4 wheel drive in a while or ever, you will want to test it out. Better yet go to your mechanic and get a tune up.


Now this depends on where you live. In some states chains on your tires aren’t  permitted. But a set in your winter toolbox could be helpful. Traction is the key to winter driving and a set of chains in the snow will help with that traction. I remember growing up my dad using these from time to time on our car.

Whether you get an inch of snow or several feet it pays to be prepared. Don’t forget your emergency kit for your Jeep as well. Depending on where you live and what kind of weather you get will determine what to put in your kit. 

Some things I have in mine… shovel, emergency blanket, hand warmers, flashlight, emergency signals, jumper cables, kitty litter for traction, my off-road recovery kit, hat, mittens, extra socks, and extra food and water.   

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