Thursday, March 9, 2017

Getting Ready for Topless Weather

That Jeep Wrangler Topless weather is almost upon us, which reminded me of a post I did in the fall of 2015.

Putting Down that Jeep Soft Top - Are You Doing it Wrong?

I have noticed over the years that there are a lot of Jeep Wrangler owners who don't know anything about the Jeep W. In case you might be a little rusty on the mechanics of the Jeep W here is a little refresher course.    
As I was driving around in my Jeep Wrangler the other day, I noticed a fellow Jeeper with his top down. The way his soft top rested on the tailgate was quite different than mine. I thought maybe I was doing it wrong. 

So of course I went to the trusty internet to do some research, and found I was right. But is there really a right way or wrong way? I decided the best way to go is with the company who makes the soft tops as seen in this video.  

This picture shows how that fellow Jeeper had his soft top resting once he folded it down. In the instructional video this is not the proper way to lay the soft top back on the tailgate. As you can tell in this picture, the side bars are parallel to roll bars. They need to be resting along the body of the Jeep.

Just like in this picture where the side bars are resting on the Jeeps body. I noticed this Jeeper had bungee corded his sot top as well. Although I have never tried this it looks like a good idea.

Another soft top mistake Jeep Wrangler owners make is the folding of the Jeep Wrangler "W". 

When folding back your soft top, which can be a one person job, you need to make sure the fabric of the soft top is pulled away from the bars.

When you are putting back your soft top in the first position where it lays right above the passenger seats you want to make sure the fabric is not squished between the bars. 

The Perfect Jeep "W" 

And guess what... They even make a Jeep soft top storage bag. I guess that is one of the reasons we love our Jeep Wranglers so much, all the fun aftermarket parts and accessories we can buy for them. 

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