Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"Boys and Their Toys" -- I Get It

"Boys and Their Toys" 

The Wiktionary definition:  'Used to evoke the idea that adult men sometimes dote excessively on machines, automobiles, and gadgets in a childish manner.'

We have all heard this saying. Many of us have used it over and over again. Well, I can honestly say -- "I get it." You can also categorize me as one of the "boys".

For years to me a vehicle has been to get from point A to point B.  That is not the case anymore! I love my Jeep Wrangler! It's my baby. The time we spend on the trails is amazing for my soul. 
I treat her with love, and lavish her with much attention. I am now a "Girl in the Garage". I love to work on my Jeep. It's empowering to know I can make some of the changes myself. It was intimidating at first, but now I know I can do it. However, I have stayed away from anything under the hood. Thankfully, my Rubicon is still pretty new. Maybe some day I will tinker under the hood.

I can honestly say I am addicted -- some may say I have a problem.  My Jeep is my passion and my hobby. I am always looking for the next adventure to take or the next part to install. I love the adrenaline rush of being in control of such a powerful piece of machinery. I love the empowerment I get from doing my own modifications. Still after almost 4 years of being a Jeep owner I can't seem to wipe the grin off my face.

My #GirlInTheGarage Mods

My front bumper

My rear bumper

My Rock Sliders

My Diff Cover

My OffRoad Lights

My Headlights

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