Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Moab Mini Vacation

Finally, my Moab Adventure begins! After three years of planning and waiting, I made it to Utah. Back in 2015, my sister and I started a new yearly tradition, Sister Get-a-ways. We decided to take turns picking the destinations each year, for our mini-sisters vacation. 2017 was my turn to pick the destination. Moab, Utah was my choice. 

However, this year my sister backed out and I wasn't going to let that stop me. Moab turned into a solo trip which in the end turned out great because I was able to spend more time off-road. 

Turning 50 inspired me to stop dreaming and start doing. 


I created my bucket list. Now it is time to start checking off the adventures I always thought about doing. However, I never stop dreaming of new adventures. I just add them to my bucket list. 

It was an amazing vacation. Below are links to my Day by Day synopsis of my time in Moab. On each page I share all the things I did with links and Jeep Momma tips. 

Moab - Day 2

                  Hell's Revenge - Day 2


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