Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Moab Adventure

I has been a year in the making, and only two more days before I get on that airplane to Moab.

"You're not taking your Jeep?"

That is the question I keep getting asked. 

Well... I would love to take my Jeep, but the 30 hour trip one way prevents me from taking my Jeep. That 30 hours would have to be a straight non-stop drive. It would take 3 days with stops to sleep, and that is just one way. Another 3 days to drive home. Just not in the cards for me this time. I don't want to wait until the perfect time. So I am making the best of it.     

It will be a weekend packed with Moab Adventure. 

unWine'd and Dine Cruise on the Colorado River

Yep, Wine on a leisurely, relaxing boat ride up the Colorado River. Then a cowboy style dutch oven BBQ. 

Hiking and Sightseeing at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. 

I can't forget Dead Horse State Park with some of the most  majestic views in the world.

Now the best for last. A Jeep adventure. I booked a drive along trip with Outlaws Jeep Tours. I will get my own Wrangler with a 4" lift and 37" tires, lockers and beadlocks, plus a guide I can follow along with on the world famous trail ~ Hell's Revenge. 

I will get to navigate high, steep climbs and heart pounding descents while taking in the beauty of Utah. Yikes, I get nervous just thinking about it. If you didn't know, I am extremely afraid of heights. I just hope I don't panic and freak out.   

I am so excited for this adventure to begin. I may even hit a ghost town or too along the way. Check out my social media sites where I will be posting lots of pictures and videos while I am there. Then when I get home I will share all the stories of my adventure. 

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