Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I Got This!

Three years ~ I have been off-roading in my Jeep for three years. This past weekend was a huge milestone for me. A milestone I didn't realize I hit until after I got back home to check out my pictures and videos. 

I realized looking at my pictures that I didn't take very many. I usually have a lot of pictures to scroll through. This got me thinking as to why.

After watching the videos I realized. It was my first time where I didn't have anyone spotting me through the trails. Every rock I crawled over was on my own. We wheeled a lot of Blue trails too. Maybe I am ready for Black?! 

I was busy concentrating on my wheeling I did't pick up my camera much. However,  I was able to get some video. 

Check it out! "I Got This" I did it all by myself! 

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