Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tread Lightly

We close every show of the Jeep Talk Show Podcast with the Tread Lightly Principals.

"No matter where your wheeling … if you pack it in, pack it out, Lets leave our wheeling destinations in as good, ...if not better condition than they were when we arrived. And Remember to ALWAYS Tread Lightly! Stay on designated trails, and don’t wheel where you're not supposed to." 

I hear it all the time not only in the Off Road Community but when my kids were in Boy Scouts. With so many people on this planet everyone needs to do their part so we can keep enjoying the trails whether in our Jeeps or on our feet.   

While I was in Moab hiking in the National Parks, I saw lots of folks not treading lightly. It was very frustrating seeing trampled land that was not supposed to be walked on. 

I saw people disregarding posted signs, and hiking where they weren't allowed. 

Every off-roader should familiarize themselves with these principals. To learn more about the Tread Lightly Principles, and how you can help keep our trails and public lands open for offroad use check out this site 

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