Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Big Surprise!

There was a big surprise waiting for me in my garage today when I got home from work.  Two big boxes arrived from the Brown Santa. 

It was so exciting to see that Yeti logo on the box.  That means beefier steering is in my future.

A Huge Shout Out to Steer Smarts for upgrading my steering system. 

A few years back Steer Smarts, AKA Powers and Sons, contacted me about trying out their new steering attenuator, now called the Griffin.  I tried it out, and loved it! Now I get to try out the new Griffin XD along with the Yeti steering kit.

Jeff from Adrenaline Off-Road has agreed to help me out with the install. I am extremely excited about this install. It is going to help me understand more about the steering components of my Jeep. Getting underneath my Jeep working on the mechanical components starts me moving into that next level of Jeep Life. 

Stay Tuned to my blog. I will be sharing more on this cool thing called the Yeti! oh and the Griffin too! 

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