Monday, December 4, 2017

Facing My Fear Head On and Forging Ahead

Off Roading in Moab
At the Wheel on Hell's Revenge
Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of heights. I can't stand driving over bridges, or really high interstate over passes. So driving my Jeep in the mountains can be difficult for me. 
On the scary trails of Hell's Revenge
Scared to Death On the entrance to Hell's Revenge

However, I have a dilemma - my passion and love for off-roading. That sometimes entails heights, like driving up and down the fins on Hell's Revenge. Or along mountain trails in Pennsylvania.

4 x 4 on the trails in the Pennsylvania Mountains
In the Mountains of Pennsylvania
In order for me to transcend these fears and enjoy my love for the trails, I must face them head on. As you can see from these videos one way to face them is to be vocal. 

4 x 4 in my Jeep in the Pennsylvania Mountains
Off Roading the Trails at Rausch Creek Off Road Park 

It also helps to recap these fears in my videos. To watch them afterwards helps me to realize the fear I had at the time really wasn't that bad.  

Off Roading in my Jeep at Rausch Creek Off Road Park
My Happy Place 

The more I try to conquer my fears the easier it becomes. It is okay to be afraid, but I won't let it stop me from enjoying my Jeep on the trails. So if being vocal helps, I will continue to "talk" myself through the fear. Then afterwards laugh at myself at how silly I was, realizing it wasn't that bad. 

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