Thursday, January 4, 2018

Look Back to 2017

Off-Road on the Trails
Moab Selfie

Wow! 2017 was amazing year with some really awesome adventures. It was also a year of growth for me! I became a stronger person by fighting thru my fear of heights, learning change can be good, stepping out of my comfort zone, and meeting more cool new Jeepers.   
Jeep Momma Off Roading in a lifted Jeep
Off-Roading in Moab 

I will never forget my solo trip to Moab, Utah. The landscape was breathtaking. The city was so fun! And the trails... I wish there was more time to see them all. Maybe one day. During this trip I was lucky enough to meet up with Charlene Bower. She guided me up the Hell's Revenge hill and helped me discover my new motto #IGotThis! 

Under the Sun Grille Insert
Under the Sun Insert Grille
In 2017, I discovered a new company call Under The Sun Inserts during one of the Jeep Talk Shop Podcast episodes. Joe, one of the owners, suggested I try his grille insert on my Jeep. 
Under the Sun Grille Insert
New Look!

I was very hesitant to do away with my purple grille inserts. Changing my unique Jeep was hard, but I bit the bullet, and made the change. Once that purple flag was inserted, I was so happy with it. It was a good reminder that change is good. Change is growth. 

My New Grille Blog Post - March 21, 2017 

New Jeep Parts!
New Parts! 

It was a year of some serious modifications with the Tom Woods front driveshaft.

The Yeti Steering System installed on my Jeep!
The Yeti!

the Yeti Steering System by Steer Smarts - 

Touring at the Toledo Jeep Plant!
Toledo Jeep Plant Tour!

Also a once in a life time opportunity to tour the Wrangler Assembly Line at the Toledo Jeep Plant. I was most likely the last "civilian" to see the JK Wrangler on the assembly line as the new JL has come out. 

The JL Wrangler wrapped at the Toledo Plant!
The Jeep Wrangler JL!

While in the plant ,I was able to get a sneak peak at the Unwrapped new JL. Not many "regular joes" got that opportunity. Plus I grabbed an up close and personal look at the wrapped JL Wrangler. 

My First Jeep Show!
My First Jeep Show! 

It was also my first time at a Jeep Show. Stepping out of my comfort zone and going by myself.

Jeep Momma's First Jeep Show  - July 20, 2017

My 2018 Goals

  • Expand The Places I Wheel
  • Plan My Own Trail Ride
  • Meet Up With Carolina Trails OffRoad and Wheel in Windrock Tennessee
  • An Overland Weekend Adventure
  • Add More Armour to my Jeep

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