Thursday, June 14, 2018

Headlight Woes

I swapped out my original manufacturer headlights back in 2016. I replaced them with Auxbeam LED headlights. Wow what a difference. I loved them. Not just the huge difference in the light but how they looked on my Jeep.  

Some months after the install I noticed a flicker as well as one of the headlights wouldn't light up 100%. I was told I needed an anti-flicker harness which I got and installed. 

During my research I found that flickering among LED’s is common. I am told the flicker is because the headlight high and low beam circuits have a PWM regulation on them - pulse width modulation. A mode that basically pulses DC power to keep at average wattage. This is not compatible with LED headlights.

After I added the anti-flicker device one of my headlights went out. I was told it's the connections. They can jiggle loose so I needed to put zipties on the connections. 

Which I did while I was wheeling in Uwharrie back in May. Well... My headlight when out again this past week. So I went in to investigate.

After fiddling with the connections and wires I deducted it's the stock wiring harness. I also recall Jeff at Adrenaline Off Road mentioning he had to replace the stock headlight wiring for a Wrangler just a while ago. 

Right now I have the wiring "just so" that my headlight is working. But once wrong bump and it can go out again. So it's off to Jeff at Adrenaline to help me fix this issue once and for all! 

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