Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Declutter My Soul

Part of my Jeep Journey includes simplicity and minimalism. My goal is to work on me, to make more time for the things I enjoy and want to do, however, still maintain my "mom" status.  Decluttering and simplifying tangible stuff and my "to do" list has helped so much. It has freed up so much of my time and my mind. 

Having more time for me has helped me to clear out my mind of the unimportant things. One of those is worrying about what others think of me. This new way of thinking has freed me in a way that I can't begin to explain. With my soul free of caring what others think I have found new happiness. 

Accepting me for me and not caring what others think about me has been a really big step. For decades I found myself worrying about what others thought of me, trying to be like the "Joneses" but that wasn't me. I even knew that wasn't me but still would fall into that mode. 

On this journey I need constant reminders to help me grow and enjoy and be the best me. There is never an end destination only a constant ride down and ever changing path. 

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