Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Ladies Off Road Network Trail Training

Trail Training... You can never get enough!

Recovery Training... I just hope I never have to use it on my Jeep! 

Meeting like minded women... A Bonus!!!

Charlene Bower with the Ladies Off Road Network is on a whirlwind trail training tour across the East Coast and Midwest. Luckily for me one of the stops was at a Maryland 
4 Wheel Parts shop close to my home. It was five hours of awesome trail knowledge, meeting like-minded women who live in my area, and re-uniting with the person who helped me overcome a fear. 

Charlene is i4wdta trained and certified. (International Four Wheel Drive Trainer's Association)

We learned about the hi-lift jack...


...recovery techniques

...and all things tires.

My favorite part was learning about the tires. There was so much new information I did not know. Do you know what tire siping is? I do now. Can you change a 37" tire on a lifted Jeep by yourself? I can!!!

The knowledge Charlene shared about all things tires and more has given me even more confidence to be out on the trails. AND the confidence to make good buying decisions. 

I have been to a handful of off-training classes. Each time I gain more and more knowledge about my Jeep, off-roading, recovery and so much more.

Check out my interview with Charlene on the Jeep Talk Show podcast! Episode 347

You Can Become a Member of this Awesome Network of Ladies too!!! 

By becoming a member of Ladies Off Road Network you are eligible for monthly giveaways of some really awesome products! You also become part of a really great network of like-minded women! If you do sign up make sure you list Tammy - Jeep Momma as the person who referred you. 

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