Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Women's Wheeling Day History

2014 - My first time attending the event! My first trail damage giving my Wrangler it's first tattoo.  

2015 - I had the opportunity to wheel a lifted vehicle by driving the Clayton Jeep.

2016 - I was reunited with my new Jeep Mom friend! The first time I broke something on the trails. The first time I was a tail gunner.

2017 - I became a sponsor of the event donating my Jeep Momma bracelets and Jeep Talk Show koozies. I was also a tail gunner. I attended the recovery class put on by NORA 4x4.

2018 - I was a tail gunner for the 3rd time. I was once again a sponsor. I finally gave back to some first time women Jeepers by guiding them over obstacles. 

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