Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fixed My Headlight!!! I Hope

My fingers are crossed. I think my headlight issue has been solved. Check out the history of my headlight saga below before you read on. 

In June I went back to Adrenaline Off-Road. Jeff had ordered the factory wiring and plug. However, Mike (the mechanic who does most of the hands on work on my Jeep) checked everything over. He cleaned up the factory plug by using a paper clip to clean out the plugs holes. Then he added dielectric grease. We plugged in the headlight, jiggled the wires and plug around and it seemed to work.

All was working good until I went off road a couple of days later. The moment I hit those bumpy trails the headlight went out. However the next time I started up my Jeep they went back on. For the next two months my headlight had a mind of it's own deciding when it wanted to shine bright or go dark.

Summertime is usually a busy time with summer vacations, weekday and weekend outings so I didn't have a lot of time to take my Jeep back into the shop. It wasn't until I was pulled over by a police officer for having faulty equipment did I decide I better get my headlight looked at again. That night of the pull over my headlight was blinking on and off. Almost like my Jeep was sending out a Morse code message.

It was back to Adrenaline Off Road, for what I hope was my last trip for my headlight issues. Mike cut off the old plug. Then he soldered on the new wires and plug. We ran into a small issue of the new plug not making that "Click" when we plugged it in. The new plug's tab was a tad too long to make the connection. So Mike shaved off a small bit of the plastic and it snapped right in.

When inspecting the old plug comparing it to the new one there was a break in the plastic inside where they connected together. Maybe that was the problem. Only time will tell. 

So far it's been almost two weeks and no issues. My fingers are crossed. I will keep you posted.      

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