Wednesday, October 24, 2018

ProClipUSA Phone Mount Review

In the age of rapidly growing technology my cellphone is my everything. It's not just a phone to make calls anymore. My phone is also my address book, camera, GPS, alarm clock, flashlight, CD player (or 8 track player depending on how old you are), mirror, and so much more. 

As a society we are never without our phones. They have become our lifelines. So even when we are driving in our vehicles we want them close at hand, but now with hands free laws they are not allowed in our hands. We need to have our phones mounted in our vehicles for a safer driving solution.

I finally had some free time this weekend to install my ProClipUSA phone mount in my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. ProClipUSA offers three different styles of mounts for the Jeep Wrangler (See below). I installed the extra strength center mount. This will allow for two points of attachment for two different devices. Now when I am off-road, I will be able to use my cellphone and another device for my Maprika app. 

When I am out on the trails I am usually alone in my Jeep so having two devices will make it easier for me to follow the map and take pictures at the same time! 

The great part about this mount is there is no drilling holes into your dash or taking your dash apart. It just clips right into the grooves of your dash - so simple and easy.  

The ProClipUSA Mounting system is a two part mounting system which allows you to customize to fit your Jeep's needs. Along with the mount, I needed a holder for my device. This holder easily attaches to the mounting device. 

I have an I-phone7 with a thin no-name case so I am using the adjustable holder for small to medium cases. I love how easy it is to just slide the phone into the holder. The phone slides from the top and docks on the bottom notch. 

A JEEP MOMMA TIP: Before any install read over the instructions and look at the pictures before you begin. This is a good idea before any install. It will help prevent you having to re-do any steps.   

The install, including recording the install video, took 30 minutes. Following the instructions that came with the mount made for a super easy, straight forward install.  

The ProClipUSA home page allows for a trouble free search for the product you need. You just select your vehicle and/or device then the website does all the work for you; effortless.  

Once the mount was installed it was time to see how it worked inside my Wrangler. My phone was mounted within easy reach and at the right eye level for me. It did not get in the way of the CD player, but I don't use CD's anymore and very rarely the radio. All of my music is on my phone.

The mounting unit I used has one con of blocking a small portion on the top left part of the in-dash radio/navigation unit. However, I very rarely use this unit as I prefer my phone. When I do use the radio I usually set it before I hit the asphalt.   

There are 3 different types of the phone mount for the JK/JKU's. There is even a version for the new JL.

Picture courtesy of ProClipUSA
This version is the most popular for optimal viewing & use in the Wranglers

Picture courtesy of ProClipUSA

This is the mount I installed in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It allows for two devices. This will work great for when I am off-roading. I can have my phone on one side. Then a tablet on the other where I can be running my Maprika app. 

This mount looks like it will keep the head unit the radio screen free from the devices.

  ProClip Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU Center Dash Mount Extra-Strength Wide 

Sponsored Vendor ProClipUSA

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