Wednesday, December 26, 2018

So Much More To Do

Hanging out in the French Quarter was so much more than I ever expected. So many experiences so little time. We crammed a lot into the short weekend we spent in New Orleans. 

The French Market - originally a Native American trading post along the Mississippi River. Now a bazaar type atmosphere with food, music and shopping. 

Cafe Du Monde is located near the French Market where they serve the famous Beignets, fried dough covered in powdered sugar. Everyone told me I had to try them. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed. I went when there was no line. I would have been frustrated if I had to wait in line for the sugary treat, which the lines can get pretty long.   

Trolley Ride St. Charles - a relaxing ride down St. Charles Avenue. If you take the trolley from one end to the other plan on about 2 hours

Hurrah Casino
Walking Tours: Cemeteries, Ghost, Vampires and more. Check out Groupon for great discounts

Plus, so much more we didn't get a chance to do. I am looking forward to my next trip where I can check out all the other coll things to do in New Orleans.   
Swamp tours  ~  Plantations ~ Riverboat Cruise ~ Pirates Alley

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