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North American Adventure - Update

We all have those dreams in the back of our mind we plan for when we retire. Well, during Episode 35 of the Jeep Talk Call In Show those dreams started blooming into a plan instead of swimming around in my head. 

Follow me here, as I plan for one of my dream trips (I have several). As a mom with a family, it is hard just to up and leave for a year or two to do all the traveling I would like. So this trip will take some thoughtful planning to get the biggest bang for my buck.

This page will be updated as with all the latest of my planning steps.    

Day 8 - The research begins on the possible destinations. I will log and record my findings on this page - Route.

Day 7 The Mile Post arrived in the mail. What an amazing book. It is so full of great information that will make planning a breeze.  

Day 4 - Created My North American Adventure Blog Pages 

Day 2 - Ordered The Mile Post - May 3, 2017 

Day 1 - Truly Inspired - May 2, 2017

North American Adventure Route

My North American Adventure route is going to require a lot of planning and research on my part. The route will play a big role in my budget. I am a little torn on the direction I should take. I have so many dream trips.

I would really love to wheel across America hitting as many off road parks as I could. I also want to visit all the U.S. National Parks. I was thinking of doing a little of both, but I fear trail damage to my Jeep could cut this trip short. So, for now, I think it would be best to stick to sightseeing and camping, with maybe some mild wheeling thrown in the mix. 

I also am debating if I should just stick to the continental United States or head through Canada to Alaska. A lot of questions to answer with so many choices to pick. 

Right now Alaska is top on my list. So many majestic places to see and really cool adventures. 

Crossing the mighty Teklinika River
photo courtesy of The Road Chose Me

I begin my research with the person who inspired me in the first place, Dan with The Road Chose Me. In 2009 he made a trek from Alaska to the tip of South America. Currently he is on a journey in Africa.  

Standing in The Arctic Ocean
photo courtesy of The Road Chose Me
I really love his adventure to the Arctic Sea, and all the places he hiked in Alaska. However, doing that trek alone scares me. I wonder if I am capable of hiking to some of those remote locations alone.

Arctic Camping (taken at 11pm)
photo courtesy The Road Chose Me

I would love to do some of the remote backpacking, but for this trip I might have to stick to a little less remote. One day I will try out a remote back country backpacking hike with an experienced backpacker. So for now I will stick to the path a little more traveled, but not a lot traveled. 

I know with out a doubt Alaska is on the list. So I will go from there. Will I add Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana to the list. A little more research is needed.  

North Cascades Hiking Guide

Alaska Destinations on the List

Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean

Denali National Park
There is one road in this park, 92 miles. The first 15 miles can be publicly driven then you must get on a tour bus or hike. The bus tours are 6 to 8 hours and cost about $130. There are very few established trails.   

The cool thing is I found the Denali Jeep Tours. $170 to $500 for a 4 hour tour. I can even take my own Jeep.

Their sister company also has some great adventures they suggested I check out. Experience Denali

This Park is not accessible by vehicle or has any established trails. This one might just be a drive-by on this trip.

Glacier Bay National Park
This park is only accessible by boat. There are tour boats that are 9 hours and about $200. 

McCarthy Road & Kennecott 

Gold Mining Tours - $50 plus 

Train Excursions - 
-- Bennett  $230
-- White Pass Summit $125 

Links from my research

Travel Alaska

The MilePost  - they offer a great travel guide. I bought mine and it is so full of amazing information. 

West Coast Destinations - Research still needs to be done for each of these locations. Then once I decide my top destinations I will plot them on a map, figure out a route and start my budget. 

I also think I need to research some places in Canada too!  

South Dakota 
Mt. Rushmore

Crater of the Moon 
Shoshone Falls
The Black Cliffs
Custer Ghost Town - Stanley Idaho

Grand Teton National Park
Devils Tower
Lamar Valley
Old Trail Town 

Glacier National Park
Grinnell Clacier

Crater Lake National Park
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
Mount Hood National Forest
Multnomah Falls
Sea Lion Caves 

Mt. Rainier
Olympic National Park
Puget Sound 
North Cascades National Park 

Go to Moab again?
Bryce Canyon National Park
Zion National Park
Capital Reef National Park

Northern California
Kings Canyon National Park
Redwood National Park

Great Basin National Park

North America Adventure Budget

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