Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Griffen Extreme Steering - You Tube Video

60 Days of Reflection - Day 1 Look Back 

It wasn't until I inched closer to the big 5-0 that I started to evaluate my life. In the past five years there has been an monumental amount of reflection in myself, my family, and my personal relationships. 

So much of it very painful, but necessary for me to grow, to be a better person, not just for the people around me but for myself.

Reflection is a necessary part of life for positive growth. Reflecting back on the past helps you to refine and adjust so you can improve and set new goals. 

Sunday's YouTube Vlog will be a Cringe-y Critique of my first video. It is now time for me to reflect, to improve, and provide meaningful YouTube content for you! 

Episode 1 of Jeep Momma's Garage.  

It's been over a year since I first started my Vlog - Jeep Momma's Garage. The original idea was to create a mini-Jeep newscast of sorts which wasn't working for me. Over the months Jeep Momma's Garage has morphed into a new direction. 

Months into my uploads, I began getting several comments of thanks and appreciation for sharing what I learned while being a new Jeep owner. Now my focus is on how to help the new Jeep Owner in an understandable way for someone new to Jeeps. 

The next 60 days I will be sharing each video as a time to look back and reflect, finding ways to make my videos better, what worked, what didn't work. I'd love to hear your thoughts on each video as well. 


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