Thursday, March 7, 2019

Jeep Momma Fact Checks Forbes Article

This article Forbes 15 New Cars to Avoid by Jim Gorzelany is exactly why I am embarrassed to say I was once a journalist, especially the section on the Jeep Wrangler. Unfortunately, the current media has given journalism a bad name. Facts aren't really facts anymore. I wonder if this writer has even been in any of the vehicles he has written about? Get your facts right. Do a little research. First off you can't compare a Jeep to a car!

1. "...some might argue the iconic Wrangler and its four-door Wrangler Unlimited version is among the best-performing off-road vehicles" --  Who is arguing?  The Rubicon is one of the best performing off road vehicles directly off the assembly line.  

2. "The rag-top Wrangler is very difficult to manage." False... Ummm...Obviously the writer has no idea what he's talking about.  It certainly doesn't take an hour to get your new Wranglers top back. At most, for me, maybe 5 to 10 minutes, if it's all the way down. 

3. I have a lifted Wrangler with 35" tires, no issues parking in those tight parking spots, not any more difficult than your big SUV's or Trucks.

4. "They suffer from limited passenger comfort, harsh and erratic ride and handling abilities and excessive wind noise at higher speeds" Raise your hand if you bought your JK/JKU for passenger comfort and a quiet smooth ride?

5. "It sits high off the ground."  NO Kidding!!! That's not a reason to avoid buying a Jeep. We want them to sit higher you idiot! Some Jeepers even add a lift kit to LIFT their Jeeps even higher off the ground.

6. "It has big tires."  Again, No Kidding!!! Another reason that it is not, why to avoid buying a Jeep. That's why we buy them. Oh Hey...Get this, some people even buy bigger tires to put on their Jeeps, like me.

7. "It's brawny enough for a snowplow or the Rubicon Trail." Yes, that is why we buy Jeep, but hey didn't you say some people argue about it's off road prowless?  Synonyms for brawny -- rugged, powerful, strong, well-built, powerfully-built, powerful, and mighty.

8. "It is not really designed for optimal road driving to the grocery store." No sane person buys a Jeep to go to the grocery store.


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