Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Learning to Be More Flexible

Part of my Jeep Journey has been discovering the importance of being flexible. I am a pretty OCD person. I make lists. I make plans. I would get frustrated if my plans were not followed to a tee. I have realized over the years this only leads to my disappointment.   

I would drive my family crazy on vacations making sure we followed my itinerary. Since my soul searching journey of six years, I have become more flexible with my plans. I try not to have too many expectations. 

Flexibility is a good trait to have, especially when you are off-roading. Around every turn a new adventure awaits you whether you planned it or not. 

The first weekend in April I loaded up my camping gear and headed to Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area for a weekend of off-road fun. I was looking forward to a day of wheeling on the rocks. 

This is where my flexibility needed to come in. We spent the morning getting dirty driving thru mud puddles then stopped for lunch. 

After lunch one more big mud puddle. That is when the lead Jeep, our trail guide, broke his driveshaft. We were dead in the water. 

One of the Jeepers in our group insisted I continue on with the rest of the group while he stayed back to help the broken Jeep. I was hesitant to lead as I don't know AOAA that well. After several minutes of persuasion, I headed out with the group. 

The group wanted to stick to the green trails. No rocks for me that day. I was somewhat disappointed we didn't hit the rocks, but there is always next time.         

My new flexible outlook told me I need to look at the positive. I successfully guided a group of seven Jeepers through unfamiliar  trails. There was no damage or breakage and they all had a great time. 

The group hosting the event thought I did such a great job they invited me to guide a women's group in September. 

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