Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Day in a JL Wrangler

My surprise treat while my Jeep was in the dealer garage for warranty repairs was a day with a JL Rubicon Unlimited. The folks at DarCars Chrysler Dodge of Rockville let me take the JL for the day while my Jeep was up on the lift to fix leaky axle seals. 

I was super surprised how much I liked the JL. The ride was quite nice after being in my lifted JKU. Compared to the jittery steering in the stock JK's the JL rides smoother. 

If you are into all the latest new technology the JL's is upgraded from the JK's. The dashboard has a new look with the configuration of the buttons a little different. The powers that be at Jeep heard us Off-Roaders as they added some new cool features.

One of my favorite features are the built in Aux buttons for an easier aftermarket off road light install. 

Another cool feature is the built in molle panels for storage in the back seat.

Finally they add heat/AC vents for those back seat passengers. 

In my book there only two negatives. The first is the start/stop feature which is now a feature on all new vehicles. This is to help save MPG's. So when you are in drive with the foot on the brake the engine shuts off and automatically comes back on as soon as you take your foot of the brake. This drove me nuts while I was driving it. The other negative is the high price tag on the Rubicon - $60K.

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