Thursday, May 23, 2019

Importance of Keeping Your Jeep Clean

                                                                                              A Dirty Jeep is a Happy Jeep they say. While this is true, your Jeep likes a good bath as well. 

It is very important to get the mud, dirt, and salt off your Jeep after a day on the trails or beach. Even in the wintertime after a salt dump on the roads. All those elements play havoc on those precious Jeep parts.  

While you are washing your Jeep you can inspect it for possible problems you need to take care of like loose bolts, rust, or leaks. Taking care of your Jeep now will give it a much longer life. 

For some great Jeep Cleaning Tips check out my YouTube video in the link below. 

Jeep Momma's Garage You Tube Video 

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