Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Jeep Gladiator Joy Ride

Earlier this week I needed to take my Jeep in for a leaking axle seal, which awesomely was covered under the drive train warranty.

While I was there, I asked if I could take a new JL to drive while my Jeep was being fixed. The Jeep Dealer said yes! However, I was only allowed take it from 9am to 9pm. So I decided to come back the next morning to pick up a brand new JL Rubicon to drive to work while my Jeep was in the shop. 

Before I headed home, I was told the Jeep Gladiator was out front! I immediately went to check it out. What a sweet ride! Of course I wasn't allowed to drive it, not even the salesmen where allowed to drive it. So I did a quick Facebook live video of the new Gladiator. 

I arrived back to the Jeep Dealer- DarCars Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Rockville the next morning to an amazing surprise! I was given exclusive permission to take the Gladiator for a spin! WOW!!! I was so excited. So I hopped in the drivers seat and the salesman, Just Ask John, and I took it out for a 30 minute ride around town.

A Jeep Momma YouTube Video

I was completely shocked at how smooth of a ride it was compared to my JKU. Plus all the cool features! The same dash as the JL with my favorite feature. 

Jeep listened to the Jeep Community and added Auxiliary Buttons for ease of wiring in aftermarket lights.   

Under the seat 
storage in the back!

Air Vents -- FINALLY!! -- for the back seat passengers.

A center arm rest for those back seat passengers too! 

Plus so much more! Those were some of my favorites. It's a really cool Jeep Pick Up, I suggest if you get a chance to go check it out at your local dealer!  

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