Tuesday, June 25, 2019

You Asked For It - You Got It!

My YouTube Subscribers have been asking for videos of wheeling in my Jeep from the outside of my Jeep. I am usually wheeling single, so to get video outside of my Jeep can be difficult. 

I know I could set up the camera outside of the Jeep, but I don't want to hold up the group. So every once in a while I get another Jeeper to shoot the video.

I was lucky enough to find someone to do that during the Krawlin' For Cops charity wheeling event I attended. Check out my YouTube Videos below. 

Two different versions of the same trail. One is from inside of the Jeep, Dash Cam view. The other video is a view from the outside of my Jeep. Black Trail 17 is an uphill rock climb. At the time the trail was somewhat wet from early morning rains.  

I am always looking for a videographer to sit shot gun with me. It's always nice to have video of my Jeep from the outside of the Jeep. 

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