Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Rust Prevention Update

Late last fall I updated you about the rust prevention methods I had used on my Jeep Wrangler's bumpers. There were 5 different products I tried out on the rust.

Jeep Momma's Rust Prevention "How To" Blog Post

Out of those 5 products, I felt the Oshpo worked the best, but it still didn't prevent the old rust from coming back on my bumpers. It worked great on the rock rash on my sliders.

So I reached out for more suggestions. POR-15 was another product that was suggested. This past fall I tested it on my front and rear bumper.

Rust Prevention POR-15 Blog Post

Rust Prevention in 5 Easy Steps with POR-15
YouTube Video

I told you to stay tuned to this spring to see how the POR-15 held up. Well... let me tell you, it is still rock solid. However, both my bumpers are fully infested with rust.

The places that have powdercoat you can see the rust coming through. I really need to strip down the whole bumper and start over. However, in the meantime I will just continue to use the POR-15 until I have the funds and time to sandblast the bumpers.

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