Thursday, August 29, 2019


To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task. ~Sophocles

As I focus on Living My Life to the Fullest - Living My Best Life, I find there are many things I need to do to accomplish this. One of those is doing a Good Deed Daily. Not only does this make me feel better, but the person receiving the deed gets something out of it too. This makes the world a better place a little bit at a time which can grow exponentially. 

I also figure "Good Deeds" brings "Good Karma". I am genuinely a good person, but I am making a conscious effort to be a better person. Which is where I am challenging myself (and you) to the #30DayChallenge. My hope is for this to become a habit for me.

After two days of doing my "Good Deeds" that Good Karma came back at me. My co-worker randomly gave me a gift card she wasn't going to use. A $25 gift card to a local restaurant. That was an awesome surprise!

My 30 Days of Good Deeds

Day 1 - I bought Italian Ice for the guys who work in the shop at my job. The temperatures had been super hot, and there is no AC on the shop floor so the guys were pretty hot and sweaty. 
Day 2 - I wrote a thank you to an unsuspecting friend
Day 3 - I let someone in traffic go ahead of me in line.
Day 4 - Held the door for stranger 

Day 5 - treated friend to a spa facial
Day 6 - Smiled at stranger
Day 7 - Extra nice to shy co-worker
Day 8 - Left car wash coins for the next person
Day 9 - Let a car merge ahead of me
Day 10 - Smiled at a strangerl
Day 11 -  Said Good Morning to a stranger
Day 12 - Donated to a neighbor
Day 13 - Told a friend they inspired 
Day 14 - Held the door open for someone at a restaurant
Day 15 - Donated school supplies to neighborhood school 
Day 16 - Was nice to a co-worker 
Day 17 - Helped man to car with take out food
Day 18 - Stayed late to help my instructor
Day 19 - helped out son unexpectedly
Day 20 - Gave friend a gift
Day 21 - Bought Good Luck Cake for Co-worker
Day 22 - Helped an elderly man out with his take out food  
Day 23 - Held the door for stangers
Day 24 - Let someone into my lane trying to merge
Day 25 - Helped a fellow student practice pouring at School
Day 26 - 30 I devoted the last days to strangers...extra friendly to strangers saying hello and telling them to have a great day!  

Good Deed Ideas

  • Say Hello to a stranger.
  • Hold the door for a stranger.
  • Allow a fellow driver to merge into your lane.
  • Find unneeded items in your house and donate them to a charitable organization.
  • Pick up trash from the sidewalk.
  • Conserve energy. Turn off the lights if you’re the last person to leave a room.
  • Decide to make one change in yourself that will make you a better person.
  • Swallow your pride and apologize for something you’ve done – whether big or small.
  • Take food to a new neighbor. 
  • Donate school supplies to children from underprivileged homes.Treat a friend to dinner.
  • Answer the phone in a cheerful voice.
  • Turn the tap off when you're shaving, brushing your teeth or scrubbing the dishes.
  • Switch your light bulbs to the energy-efficient variety.
  • Ask a loved one about their day.
  • Praise a colleague’s good work.
  • When you’re out buying food, purchase an extra to donate to a food pantry or the homeless.
  • Pay it forward by paying for the coffee, food, or bus fare for the person behind you in line.
  • Surprise your partner by doing a household chore you know they don't like doing.
  • Leave a glowing recommendation with the manager after receiving good service at a restaurant.
  • Hold the elevator door for someone who didn't quite make it in time
  • Be patient when someone is taking too long in front of you.
  • Compliment a coworker on a job well done in front of others. (Compliments hold more weight when they’re done publicly).
  •  Pack extra snacks and offer them to your co-workers or friends.
  • Give a random compliment to your partner, especially if you haven't done so in a while.
  • Instead of complaining about something that's really not a big deal, just let it go.
  •  Give up your seat on the bus, light-rail or subway.
  • Reach out to someone who has had an impact on your life and let them know about it.
  • Fill up someone's parking meter that's about to run out.
  • Find opportunities to give compliments. It could make someone’s entire day. 
  • Make a double-batch of something yummy and gift to a neighbor.
  • Cut fresh wildflowers and bring them to your local nursing home so the residents can enjoy.
  • Hold the door for people behind you.
  • Take your neighbors trash to the curb while you’re taking yours.
  • When in line at the grocery store, let the person behind you go in front of you.
  • Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru.
  • Smile at everyone you pass on the street.
  • Let go of an old grudge.
  • Compliment a stranger.
  • Leave your server a very generous tip.
  • Write a note of appreciation to your mail carrier.
  • Put change in candy and vending machines – or tape a couple of dollars to the machine.
  • Let someone merge in front of you during rush hour.
  • Bring baked goods to your local police or fire station to say thank you.
  • Put out a bird feeder to feed the birds.
  • Leave a note or a dollar in a library book for somebody else.
  • Send a care package to a loved one.
  • Offer someone a piece of gum.
  • Leave coupons at the grocery store by leaving the coupon next to the product that it is for.
  • Straighten things up on store shelves while you browse.
  • Leave quarters at the laundromat for others to use.
  • Return shopping carts to their designated area.
  • Call everyone you know and tell them you love them
  • Cheer someone on.
  • Say a prayer for someone.
  • Put a dollar in the toy section at your local dollar store.

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