Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Hidden Grand Canyon Gem

Day 19 Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure

It seems I didn't get enough of the Grand Canyon. I  heard you could drive yourself down to the bottom of the Canyon right up to the Colorado River. 
Taking the back roads up to Peach Springs, Arizona gets you to the place where you can buy a permit to drive down to the Colorado River on Diamond Creek Road. There's a building, the Hualapai Tribal Forestry Department where you can buy a permit. 

This permit for $16.27 per person allows you to drive Diamond Creek Road down to the Colorado River on the Hualapai Reservation. 

It's about a three hour drive down and back with the most spectacular views. The ride was a rough one down to the Colorado River on the washboard gravel road.

I should of aired down for the ride down which I did for the ride back up. Airing down certainly helped as the ride back up wasn't nearly as rough.

The views were amazing. 

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