Monday, January 13, 2020

Jamie - Celebrating the Jeep Life

My name is Jaime. I'm 43 year old woman from Ohio.

Growing up, my dad always had lifted trucks and I always wanted to do one myself.  

I got my 94 YJ back in 2013 from my dad by trading my truck. It took a few years, but I finally got my lift and installed it myself along with doing all the maintenance on it. Over the last few years I've been slowly modifying it to be more of a toy. Luckily, I have a good friend Justin Bito who owns JMB Garage. He helped me do the clutch and transmission swap on it right before WWD2019 "Women's Wheeling Day at Rausch Creek Off Road Park).  

It's not always easy for me to do the work on it because I have had 6 back surgeries. When I was 21 I was driving and was hit from a car behind me at 55 mph. I try hard not to let my disabilities stop me from the things I want to do and things I want to achieve. Some days are easier then others that's for sure. 

Last year I got to be a trail guide at the Bantam Festival and Woman's Wheeling day which was a big goal of mine. To me it was a big step up from being a spotter on the course at 4wd parts Jamboree. 

I started wheeling my Jeep a little over a year ago. I absolutely love doing it. My back, health issues and income keep me from wheeling as much as I would like to.

This year I'm heading out to MOAB with my Dad for 2 weeks. This will be the first time I get to go wheeling with him so I can't express the excitement I have for this adventure. Spending this time with him will be truly priceless.

Before I got my Jeep I raced stock cars at the local track. Which was alot of fun. but I always worried about messing my back up even more if something were to happen. 

So I decided it would be in my best interest to sell my race car and pursue my dream of building my own off-road Jeep. 

My YJ has been my daily driver up till a few months ago. I currently have Dodge Durango as my daily and a car trailer. I still got some work to do in order to haul the Jeep. Little by little I am getting there. 

Each day I try to do something to get me closer to my dreams. When I look back at how far I have come in the last year it amazes me. Never give up on your dreams no matter the odds. Even when all the odds are stacked against you.


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