Friday, March 13, 2020

Website Navigation

When I'm shopping around on the internet it can be very frustrating at times trying to find what I need. There are many websites that are very difficult to navigate. Some are loaded down with so much information it's hard to find the one thing you are looking for. 

Even just to search for that one thing. 

For me it's always been about simple and easy. You can even have a ton of information on your site if it's set up simple and easy. Extreme Terrain's website is just that for me. Which is why I keep going back to them when searching for my Jeep parts. 

I just purchased a set of 4 Rubicon Xpress shocks and a Rugged Ridge leaf spring shackle kit for a YJ build. It was super easy to find what I needed and I love their quick shipping. You can search by part or by vehicle. Their website is simple and it's easy to navigate with not a whole lot of "junk". 
I also added Barricade front and rear bumpers to that shopping cart 

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