Saturday, July 4, 2020

Looking Out For Your Friends

One day about six years ago, I called the police in a small town in California. I was worried about an online friend I met on Google Plus. He name is Mike. He is a fellow Jeeper and paralyzed from a motorcycle accident. He was in a very bad place six years ago. There was a group of us who would chat and try to lift his spirits. 

One night I noticed a very disturbing post he wrote. I was very worried. I was so worried I called the police thinking he was going to take his life. The police went to check on him. 

I was nervous the next day when Mike said the police came to his house and asked who called. I fessed up. He went on to tell me I saved his life. He was going to take his life that night but when the police showed up he didn't. He along with his wife and son are very thankful. Mike and I have stayed friends. However, since Google Plus shut down we lost touch for awhile. 

He has reached out again and now wants to return the favor. His wife makes awesome natural soy candles and sells them online. They have made a special Jeep Momma candle

They want to help support me on my journey.  A portion of the proceeds will go to help support my journey.  

Jennifer, Mike's wife, hand pours these candles. Of coursed I picked the color purple. The one in the picture is a lavender sage scent. However, there are other scents to pick from. 

This is a purple in color, and a limited edition Jeep Momma 10oz candle. Frosted glass, 100% all natural soy wax, and hand poured to perfection. These candles are a special edition for Tammy at A portion of these proceeds goes to Jeep Momma to help support her adventures. Get yours while supplies last. Jeep Momma YOU ROCK!!!!!

Go check out the candles. Great with a glass of wine and a bubble bath. One of my favorite things to do outside of Jeeping. When you are burning your candle know you are helping me during this difficult time in my life. 

It seems my luck is pretty bad right now with my bank account being compromised and my unemployment benefits being taken away. God sent Mike and Jennifer at a time when I needed them. Funny how life works. 

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