Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Self-Love isn't Selfish [How To]

We all go through trials, hardships, and bad relationships. It is a part of life and growing as a person. However, sometimes getting back up on our feet can be extremely hard especially when there has been emotional abuse and you have lost yourself along the way. 

Emotional abuse such as manipulation and gaslighting can cause trauma to your brain. 

Suspicious & untrusting
Negative & pessimistic
Self sabotaging
Scattered & disturbed
Demotivated & drained of energy
Self Critical
Judgmental of yourself
Emotionally cut off

Healing from this type of trauma takes a lot of determination, education, and self-love. Understanding what you went through is a first step. Another step is understanding what it means to Self-Love. 

Self-love means something different to each of us, as we all have different needs to take care of ourselves. Seeking professional help can guide you to figuring out what your self-love looks like. 

For me self-love seems a little selfish, but it really isn't. It is a state of appreciation for myself which means I have a high regard for my well-being and happiness. Taking care of my own needs and not sacrifice my well-being to please others are actions that support my physical, mental and spiritual growth. Self-love means not settling for less than I deserve which will lead to improved self-respect and self-esteem. 

Tips for My Self-Love

  • Talking to myself love
  • Prioritize myself
  • Give myself a break from self-judgement
  • Trust myself 
  • Being true to myself
  • Be nice to myself
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Forgive myself

Self-love is another way to Self-care [Jeep Momma Post]

More about Self-Love...

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