Monday, August 1, 2022

Giving Myself Grace - Learning to Let Go

I look back at my last relationship with embarrassment. Some
days there is a lot of anger with myself because I didn't see the red flags or maybe I did and ignored them. Other people saw the red flags and warned me. I didn't listen. 

I think how could I have been so blind to miss those red flags. I wonder what was wrong with me. I hear this a lot from others who are in or have been in manipulative relationships. 

I need to understand I am in the present and viewing my past with an awareness and clarity I didn't have before. I need to stop beating myself up over the past and give myself some grace. I was being manipulated, gaslit, and lied to by the person I loved. I need to learn from the past but not harbor anger with myself. 

Giving yourself grace means giving yourself permission to
forgive your mistakes, lapses in judgment and hurtful behavior because no one is perfect. It's a mindset to be kind to myself instead of critical. At the same time reflecting and learning from these mistakes help you with personal growth. 

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