Sunday, October 23, 2022

Keep Living Your Best Life

When one chapter ends you turn the page. I was nearing the end of a chapter so I turned that page. A new chapter in my life has begun. I am taking a huge leap of faith. I put in my two weeks notice at the local Jeep dealer at the beginning of October.

On my last day, I packed all my belongings into my Jeep then headed West the next morning. It was an immensely difficult decision to leave Southern Minnesota because of being so close to my family. They were my rock during a very difficult time in my life. A much needed year to get myself back together. 

I am not fully healed, but I know deep in my gut I need something more / different to fully (if I ever can) heal. I need to start living My Jeep Life again. What that will look like this time I am not sure. For months, I had been pondering where I would land my feet. So many choices out West. It was a difficult to chose but I prayed for answers. 

An answer came as a friend offered a place to stay while search for my own place and job. Plus, the bonus to the new location is a custom Jeep Shop, TNT Customs. I knew my Jeep needed some reliable, trusted help.  

The timing for me to leave seemed right because my friend was headed out on a
five day overland adventure to the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon with 4Xploring. I was invited along and had the most amazing experience and met some amazing new friends. (Blog Posts and YouTube videos of this epic adventure coming soon)

Now its time to hunker down and find a job, give my Jeep much needed TLC, and find a place of my own. I have no idea what this new chapter has in store for me. It is scary, exciting and so bittersweet. Moving on is difficult. Change is difficult. 

However, change is necessary. Change can transform your attitude and your perspective on life.  Change can bring about new opportunities. Change can take you on a journey in life to that brings you to others who you would never think you'd meet.

Making changes in my life have been difficult but in the long run I know they are making me stronger! 


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