Sunday, November 6, 2022

60 Before 60

I am half way there of trying to come up with 60 Reasonable
things to do before 60. I still need to come up with 30 more ideas. 

The year before I turned 50 I was having a hard time with the upcoming milestone birthday. I decided to have fun with it. 

50 Before 50 List

This time I will give myself a few more years to complete my
60 Before 60. 


Cigar Smoking Bar (do they still exist)
Hookah Bar
Stand Under a Waterfall
Write a Life Poem
Viking Compass Tattoo
Design My Own Cocktail
Start Running Again
See the Northern Lights
Visit the Big Horns
60 Days of Random Acts of Kindness
60 Days of Gratitude to Make it a Habit 

Eat in a 5 Start Restaurant
Practice meditation for 60 Days
Get Ordained
Complete a 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
60 Days of Prayer for others
Visit 60 National Parks/Monuments/Preserves 
Reach My Goal Weight
Drink a $100 Bottle of Wine
60 More Blog Posts 
60 More YouTube Videos
Hike or Wheel 20 New Trails
Create a Jeep Momma Calendar
Attend a Rodeo
Murder Mystery Dinner
Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming
Jazz in the French Quarter
Blues Bar
Axe Throw
Cirque Du Soleil Show

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