Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Snow Wheeling Tips

Wheeling in the snow can be extremely fun especially on an easy trail you have wheeled many times without snow.  The snow gives added difficulty to the trails and can turn a mild trail to a difficult trail. 

If you are new to snow wheeling the lack of experience in the snow can turn a small mistake into a day of disaster.

I grew up driving in the snow. After years of experiencing snow on the road it becomes second nature on how your vehicle reacts in the snow, then your instinct kicks in.  

There are also different types of snow that takes experience to understand how to maneuver your vehicle through it. However, throw in mountain trails with ledges and trees is a whole other level.

Top 5 Tips when Snow Wheeling in the Mountains


Number One Don’t wheel on the snowy mountain trails alone. It is very easy to get your vehicle stuck in the snow. If you get stuck, which the chances are high when you wheel in the snow, you will want to have the option of another vehicle to help you out.

Number Two – Know your limits and your experience. Just like I did on Heart attack hill. I know my Jeep is capable, I know and I have a lot of experience driving in the snow. However, I am not that experienced in the snow on rocky inclines up a mountain trail. I decided to get a little more snow trail driving under my belt first. My Jeep is my daily driver, so I opted for caution. Do what’s best for you and your vehicle. Turns out the bypass was just as challenging.

 Snow Wheeling Tips YouTube Video

Number Three – Knowing when to give it gas and when to take it slow take practice and experience. Practice while on a flat easy part of the trail to see how the snow and your Jeep react to giving it gas then use a little gas pedal finesse and test how your Jeep reacts. The brakes are not your friend in the snow.

Number Four Wheel spinning in the snow is not your friend either. This will just result into digging your Jeep into a deeper hole. Too much spin can melt the top layer of snow which can re-freeze and halt you in your tracks. Instead like in number three… use your finesse and ease up on the throttle. You might need to back up a foot or two before trying to continue. Try different lines to the left or right of where you got stuck.

Number Five  – Learning to read the snow -- One of the most important techniques in snow wheeling. There are many different types of snow. Soft wet snow is different then hard cold snow. There’s crusty snow, powdery snow, slushy snow and all this snow can be in layers. Some of the snow will pack and clog your tires and some you can just easily plow through. Understanding he layers and the dynamics of the snow helps you to make smart decisions while wheeling  

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