Research and Therapy are your biggest help to overcoming the fall out from emotional abuse. Here are some articles and blogs that helped me along my Journey to heal my heart, mind and soul. These links are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more information out there. This will get you started. 

The first step is educating yourself on what happened to you, then you will be able to heal. If you are on social media two people I follow that give great insight into the brains of the abuser -- Ben at RawMotivations & Lee at Mental Healness

Who is a Narcissist

                     5  Differences   -  Similarities/Differences

10 Things To Expect When They Know You Know  

How to Escape a Narcissist 

Signs of Narcssism

Narcissist Playbook

What to do to Stop the Bad Mouthing 

What to do When Bullied by a Narcissist

Narcissist Needs to Blame You

The Cycle of Abuse

What is Gaslighting  

Stage 1: Love Bombing

Stage 2: Devalue

Stage 3: Discard

Stage 4 Smear Campaign

Smear Campaign 2 

Smear Campaign 3

Smear Campaign 4 

Stage 5: Hoovering 

How Abusers Manipulate Their Victims

Understanding Narcissist Injury

More Narcissist Injury

Tactics Used to Confuse Conversation  


Narcissist Collapse

Catching a Narcissist in a Lie

When You Leave Them

When a Narcissist Loses

Have They Moved On

Pushing You To Insanity

Bad Mouthing 

Increasing Your Self Worth 

Cognitive Dissonance   

Flying monkey

Flying Monkey Grooming

More Cognitive Dissonance 

Go No Contact 

Explaining Abuse 

Trauma Bonding 

Emotionally Immature 

Trauma Bonding 2

Do They Really Love Me

When You Are Not Looking

What They Do To Their Victim

Learning to Trust Again

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