Jeep Tips

Jeep Tip #2
If you have a spiderwebshade you can store blankets between that shade and your soft top. 

Jeep Tip #3
Check out the center console in most of the new Wranglers. Lift it up -- under the top cover you can store items there. It's like a secret hiding place.

Jeep Tip #4
Check out the Jeep Badge of Honor program. Download the app. Then earn badges by wheelin' the many highlighted trails. 

Jeep Tips #5
The silver latch on the door frame where the door latch closes is the perfect size to open up a bottle. You could have 4 openers or 2 depending on if you have a JK or JKU. 

Jeep Tip #6
If you see rust, get rid of it. 


Jeep Tip #7 

Turn your mirror upside down for better visibility.
Cool Jeep Stuff I found on Amazon for under $40. Most of these items I bought for my Jeep. 

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