Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cool Storage Solution

I love my new Storage Solution! I may even get a second one! 

We all know cargo space is a premium in a Wrangler, even those JKU’s. I have tried several different options. There is that awkward space in the "trunk" of the Wranglers that make storage difficult. 

For example, the space above the inner fenders in the cargo area of an Unlimited is curved, sloped and irregularly shaped, so it's often wasted space. 

The MorRyde Ammo Can Carrier is designed to use that space very effectively. Bolted in place using the same holes that the hardtop is secured with AND no drilling.

A few simple steps, and your Ammo Can Shelf is done. The carrier shelf supports all common ammo cans. I bought one on Amazon. 

Then there is the Molle grid for attaching standard Molle pouches. I am using my shelf for my recovery gear ~ recovery strap, tree saver, shovel, gloves, and other gear needed for recovery.

I was even able to use the space behind the Molle panel to store more Jeep Stuff. Just writing this blog post reminds me how much I love the shelf. I am going to sign off now, so I can go buy a second one for the other side. 

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