Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Disconnected Off Road Adventure

Taking My Jeep Adventure to the Next Level

My Jeep on a tree stump

"Your Jeep Can Handle It!"

Ever had someone tell you your ride can do wonders you've never even dreamed of? Yeah, I get that a lot with my Jeep Rubicon. And guess what? They're absolutely right. This weekend, I decided to put that to the test and headed over to Rausch Creek Off Road Park for some trail action. And oh boy, was it a ride to remember!

Taking My Jeep Wheeling on the Next Level Trails 👉Watch Here

A Rookie Among Pros 

Kicked off my journey bright and early on Friday, itching to tackle the trails by 1pm. Joined forces with the awesome crew from Disconnected Off Road, hailing all the way from New Jersey. Meeting them in person for the first time had me a tad on edge, but there was no need for any of that.

Jeeps in the side mirror

These folks were nothing short of amazing, embracing me and my stock Jeep into their group of lifted beasts. They're Jeep aficionados through and through, and they were keen to show me the ropes. Spoiler alert: my Jeep didn't just survive; it thrived.

Upgrading My Skills on the Blue

We wasted no time and dove straight into the mix, hitting a blue trail and not stopping till we reached the more daunting black and red trails. Nervous? Sure. Excited? Even more so. One of the guys stepped up as my spotter, guiding me through the tricky parts like a pro.

Turns out, all I needed was a bit of confidence. With the right spotter, conquering those rocky trails felt like a breeze. Big shoutout to all the spotters who made my day smooth sailing. Though, I think they deserve a medal for "Surviving Wheeling with Jeep Momma" for putting up with my cautious driving style.

More Than Just Driving - An Off-Roading Experience

This adventure was far from just sitting behind the wheel. It was a full-on immersive experience. I became a spectator on the Black and Red trails. Watching those lifted Jeeps tackle steep rocky terrains up close was nothing short of thrilling. At one point, we even had to winch a Jeep over a particularly stubborn rock - a testament to the fact that off-roading is as much about teamwork and strategy as it is about driving.

Jeep being winched up an obstable

Jeeps on a rocky obstacle

Jeepers watching a Jeep on the obstacle

Wrapping Up an Unforgettable Adventure

Hanging out with Disconnected Off Road was on of many highlights that weekend. They're a fantastic bunch, always ready to welcome another Jeeper into the fold. The weekend wasn't just about pushing my Jeep to its limits; it was about discovering a whole new level of adventure and camaraderie. Here's to many more thrilling rides and unforgettable memories on the trails!  


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Wild Ride at Women's Wheeling Day

 🚙💨 The Day I Got to Drive a Monster Jeep!

The 2015 Women's Wheeling Day was off the charts, with over 100 fierce ladies signing up to take on the trails in Jeeps. Picture this: me, getting the keys to the Clayton Off Road Jeep. Yes, the beastly, red, lifted Jeep! It's like winning the lottery for a Jeep enthusiast – we're talking a 4.5 inch lift, 37 inch tires, and all the trimmings. You bet I was on cloud nine!

Jeep Momma Drives the Clayton Off Road Jeep 👉 Watch Here

Jeep Momma driving the Clayton's Jeep 

The Clayton Jeep Crew

🤔 A Slight Letdown... But Not for Long!

So, there we were, lining up our Jeeps, buzzing with excitement, when I found out the Clayton Jeep was assigned guide duties on the beginner trails. A tad disappointing, sure, because I was itching to tackle some serious rocks. But hey, driving this behemoth on any trail was still a thrill!

Clayton Off-road Jeep

Driving shifts were shared among us three lucky ladies, with Clayton Walters himself (the wizard behind Clayton Off Road) coaching from the backseat. Despite only having driven my stock Rubicon before, which is basically a baby toy compared to this monster, I tried not to baby the Clayton Jeep too much on the easy trails. Clayton, a saint of patience, endured our newbie antics, guided us, and even laughed off my "Jeep Momma" moments.

Clayton and the WWD Winners!
Selfie in the passenger seat

😂 Goofy Moments and Learning Curves

Yes, I was that person asking if the tires were straight a million times, wondering about the tires under the hood latches, and fumbling with the CB radio. But Clayton? Cool as a cucumber, a true champ at handling our learning curves and endless questions with grace.

Clayton Walters 

🚀 My First Dive into Serious Rock Crawling

Jeep Momma's First Difficult Trail
Outer Limits in Claytons Jeep

Jeep Momma on Outer Limits

Then came the moment of truth – Clayton guiding me on my first hardcore rock crawling adventure. The trail, known as Outer Limits, looked more like a rocky cliff than a path. My heart was racing, fearing I'd accidentally run over Clayton. But after a quick reshuffle, with him safely out of my potential crash path, I got down to business. You can catch this adrenaline-pumping moment on my YouTube channel – it's a hoot!

Outer Limits Trail: Jeep Momma in Claytons Jeep 👉 Watch Here

Despite the initial hiccup of being on the easier trails, Clayton found us a challenging path, giving us a taste of real off-roading excitement. The experience was so exhilarating that one of the guys actually kissed the ground after surviving the trail.

Jeep Momma in the driver's seat

🌟 Closing Thoughts: Grateful but Hungry for More

Even though we didn't spend all day on the hardcore trails, I'm beyond thankful for the experience. Driving the Clayton Jeep, sharing laughs, and learning from one of the off-roading rock stars was a blast. It's tough thinking about going back to my standard Rubicon after this. I'm already dreaming about lifts and bigger tires for my own ride. Maybe not exactly a 4.5 lift and 37's... but who knows? The sky's the limit now!

Selfie with Clayton's Jeep

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Getting Topless: Putting Down the Soft Top Properly

The Perfect Jeep "W"

The Perfect Jeep W

When you go topless in your Jeep it is important to know the proper way to fold back your top to the open position. This will help keep your soft top lasting longer.  There are two positions, the sunrider position where the top is folded back to just above the passenger seat. Then all the way down where the top rests along the tailgate. 

Putting Down that Jeep Soft Top - Are You Doing it Wrong?

I have noticed over the years that there are a lot of Jeep Wrangler owners who don't know anything about the Jeep W. In case you might be a little rusty on the mechanics of the Jeep W here is a little refresher course.  

The Jeep "W" 👉 Watch Here

The Wrong Way

During my travels across the US I have noticed many Jeepers with their tops folded incorrectly like in the picture above. The arms need to lie parallel along the body of the Jeep.

The Soft top all the way down
Jeep Momma putting her top down

Another soft top mistake Jeep Wrangler owners make is the folding of the Jeep Wrangler "W". When folding back your soft top to lay above the passenger seat, which can be a one person job, you need to make sure the fabric of the soft top is pulled away from the bars.

Bestop Soft Top Protectant 👉 Buy Here

Jeep Soft Top Zipper Lubricant 👉 Buy Here 

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