Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Go With The Flow on Virginia's Jeep Trails

A Day of Flexibility and Fun 

When Jeep added a new trail in Virginia to the Badge of Honor App Trail list, my excitement was off the charts. This was the perfect opportunity to plan my first Jeep Momma Trail Ride. With a group of my Jeep friends, we geared up to tackle the Peters Mill Trail just outside Edinburg, Virginia.

Peters Mill Run Jeep Badge of Honor

Peters Mill Run Video 👉 Watch Here

The Journey Begins

The Peters Mill Trail is a relatively short adventure, taking about one to two hours. To make the most of our day, we decided to also hit the Flagpole trail, located about 40 minutes south of Peters Mill Run near Harrisonburg. This trail, nestled in the George Washington National Forest, promises a breathtaking view of Virginia and West Virginia from its summit.

Jeep's airing down prepping for the trail

An Unexpected Setback

Our adventure kicked off with high spirits as we headed up the mountain. However, one of the Jeeps in our group soon encountered mechanical issues. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't get it back on track. Adhering to the golden rule of off-roading—never wheel alone—one of our group members escorted the ailing Jeep back down the mountain.

Jeeps waiting on the trail

Roadblock and Regroup

As we resumed our ascent, another obstacle awaited us. A controlled burn by the forestry department blocked our path about 30 minutes into the trail. While regrouping, we met two fellow Jeepers who were also stymied by the roadblock. Inviting them to join our convoy, we redirected our journey towards Peters Mill Run.

Forestry road block for a controlled burn

Lunch Break with a Twist

Peters Mill Run, part of a trail system requiring a permit, became our new destination. We stopped at a local gas station to purchase the necessary $5 permits and seized the opportunity for a lunch break. Originally, we had planned to dine at the summit of Flagpole trail, but flexibility is key in off-roading.

Lunch was on me, and I decided to test a unique trail cooking method: using the engine. At the start of the trail, I placed a ham and cheese sandwich between the intake manifold and battery. After cooking for over four hours, we unveiled a surprisingly delicious sammie. 

Cooking a sammie on my Jeep's manifold

My Cheesy sammie

How to Cook on Your Jeep's Engine 👉 YouTube Channel 

Earning Our Badge

With lunch behind us, it was time to earn our badge on Peters Mill Run. This old mining road on Powell Mountain offers a bumpy ride with plenty of twists and turns. However, our plans faced another hiccup when we encountered a lone Gecko-colored Jeep stuck in the mud—another reminder of the off-roading rule: never wheel alone.

Jeep Stuck in the Mud

Rescue Mission

True to the Jeep spirit, we couldn't leave a fellow Jeeper stranded. We broke out the recovery gear and set to work winching the Gecko out of the mud. The effort took quite a while, pushing our schedule back and making it too late to hit our last planned trail, Taskers Gap.

Jeep Stuck in the Mud

Winching out the stuck Jeep

Multiple Jeeps needed to pull out the Jeep

Ending on a High Note

Despite the setbacks, we made the best of our day by visiting the Woodstock fire tower. While I only managed to climb one flight of stairs before my nerves got the best of me, it was a fun detour.

Woodstock Fire Tower

Embracing the Journey

This day was a lesson in flexibility and the joy of the journey over the destination. As a Jeep owner and off-road enthusiast, I've learned that the best adventures are the ones that don’t go as planned. Meeting new Jeepers, honing recovery skills, and spending quality time with amazing people made this a memorable trip.

Remember, in off-roading and life, it's all about going with the flow and embracing the unexpected. Keep your spirits high, your Jeep ready, and enjoy the ride!

Mountain trail scenery

Monday, April 2, 2018

Searching for Jeep Easter Eggs

Hidden Jeep Gems

When I heard about the small tributes in my Jeep Wrangler I started searching. These tributes are to the Willy's Jeep that started this Jeep craze. The Chrysler desinger's call these tributes Easter Eggs. So the Egg Hunt begins. So far I have found eight.

7 Slot grille decal on windshield

The first is the most obvious. We constantly look at it when we check out our rear view mirror. It’s a silhouette of the seven slot grille logo.

since 1941 

On the passenger seat grab bar are the embossed letters Jeep - Since 1941.

Jeep on rocks decal on windshield

The silhouette of a Jeep climbing a rocky hillside is on the passenger side windshield.

Willys Jeep on wheel 

The Sahara's and Rubicon's rims have the Willy's Jeep.

7 slot grille in cup holder

The front seat cup holder is embossed with the Seven Slot Grille.

wiper cowl with 7 slots

The wiper cowl has seven slots like the front grille as does the air dam.

7 buttons on front console

The center console control panel is designed somewhat like the seven slot grille.

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