Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Trail Guide Training Class

What a journey the past five years has been. My first off road experience was with Kyle from Off-Road Consulting. The private 101 off-road driving course I took was just the beginning of a great addiction. My new passion...  My new hobby... 

My last off-roading experience a couple of weeks ago was again with Kyle. This time it was a trail guide training class with some great women I have met over the years. 

I sure have stepped up my game. From being one of the new Jeep women to now teaching and mentoring the new Jeep women coming into the fold. 

Kyle has so much amazing knowledge to share and I am so thankful to learn from him. The many classes I have taken with Off-Road Consulting gave me great off-roading skills that will continue to grow even greater.

Kyle is a certified off-road trainer with i4WDTA, The International 4-wheel Driver's Training Association. He is lucky enough to have a job that is off-roading 7 days a week, most people's dream job. 

I shared a video on YouTube of Kyle showing the ladies hands on instruction of a good trail guide.

In the next couple of weeks I will be sharing two other videos from the class. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My Top 5 Must Have Primative Camping Items

Passion For the Great Outdoors

I have a deep passion for camping and immersing myself in the wonders of the natural world. The joy of gathering around a campfire with friends, engaging in delightful conversations, is a cherished experience. My upbringing in the beautiful landscapes of Minnesota and North Dakota allowed me to spend my entire childhood camping and fishing, resulting in a treasury of incredible memories from lakesides to wilderness retreats.

Childhood Memories

Nowadays, I blend my off-road adventures with the enduring love for the outdoors I cultivated as a child. Every trip is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge about the art of preparedness. On my most recent excursion, which was a cold weather trip, I found myself grateful for having brought along my trusty Buddy Heater to keep warm.

Combining Past and Present

Additionally, the unpredictable rain made me appreciate the importance of tarps, and I quickly learned that you can never have too many of them when you're out in the elements. Of course, no camping experience is complete without the essential indulgence of S'mores. 

Top 5 Must-have Primitive Camping Items 👉 Watch Here

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Jeep Black Hole -5 Things I Didn't Know When I Bought My Jeep Wrangler

The Top 5 things I didn't know about my Jeep before I bought it. One of those things - The Jeep Black Hole - took me five years to figure out I had a black hole in my Jeep.  

Jeep Modifications & Accessories

My Guide to Navigating the Jeep World In the world of Jeeps there are so many options for accessories and modifications. Before you begin em...