Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jeep Rock Light Install - LUX Lighting Systems

Magnetic Rock Lights for your 4x4 Rig

Rock Lux Lights

The company that makes the  LUX Lighting Systems Monster Rock Lights asked me to review and install their lights. It is supposed to me an easy install. 

How To Install the LUX Lighting Systems 👉 Watch Here

It took me awhile to do the install as I had doubts in my ability. However, once I just decided to do it, the install was very easy, even with the problem I had with my firewall hole.

LUX Website -- "The Monster from LUX is the ultimate LED rock light and is the brightest LED rock light on the PLANET! The Monster is perfect for the hard core off road enthusiast who does not compromise."

While I have nothing to compare these lights to, my first reaction when I turned them on at night was "Wow, these are bright". Super easy to place with their magnetic LED's. I can even move them if I feel they might get in the way of a rock.   

LUX Website -- The All New Smartphone RGB Pro-Installer from LUX! We settled the debate with this one! Thanks our friends at XK Glow we were able to integrate their controller and App into our Pro-Installer creating the best RGB Smartphone controller on the market!

Control 2 separate RGB zones with your smartphone and add a third zone for single color lights! Incredibly durable design with super easy screw clamp connections allowing you to run all your RGB products from one controller - not just LUX lights!

This is the system I got, however I have not purchased the app yet to test the smartphone controller. I am plenty happy with the old fashioned way of turning on and off a button. You know how I like my buttons!

Jeep Momma Installing the Lux Lights. 

First Step 

Snake your LEDs for the Jeep from the engine to underneath your Jeep. You will want to know how much wire you need before placement of the lights.

One of the magnet Lux Lights on the frame of the Jeep.

Second Step 

Place your LED's in your desired location underneath your Jeep. They are magnetic so you can always adjust them somewhat.  Use the black zip ties to attach the wires out of the way. 

Jeep Momma working on the controller box.

Third Step

Attach the colored wires to the designated points in the controller box. Place the controller box on top of the fuse box. Use heavy duty Velcro to attach the box. 

Jeep Momma running wires for the lux lights.

Fourth Step 

Snake the wire for the on off switch across the Jeep to the driver's side firewall. 

Jeep Momma snaking the wires through the firewall.

Fifth Step 
Detach the plastic panel inside the Jeep to gain access to the firewall hole. Then using a snake to pull the wire through the hole.

Looking for a location for the switch.

Sixth Step 

Attach the switch to the wire. Since each Jeep is set up differently you decide where you place your switch or attach it to an AUX switch you may already have in your Jeep/vehicle. For now mine is up by the roll bar.

Additional Tips

  • Place the wires out of the way of moving parts and heat.
  • Test out the lights before completely attaching wires and pulling through the fire wall. 
  • Do Not Attach to the battery until all wires are securely attached to switch and controller box. 
  • Watch my install video. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Leaks in Your Jeep to Look Out For

Top 5 Jeep Fluid Leaks

radiator leaks 

Routine Maintenance

I took my Jeep into Adrenaline Off-Road to get my rear brake pads changed. I was looking forward to learning the "How To Change Your Brake Pads".  The first thing Jeff, the owner, noticed was the coolant smell. We got under my Jeep and saw coolant build up on the bottom of my radiator. 

Jeep Momma's Top 5 Places to Look for Leaks in your Jeep 👉 Watch Here

taking out leaky radiator

Radiator Replacement

Time for a replacement. I went back a week later once the new radiator arrived to learn the "How To Replace a Radiator". Even though it cost me money, it was a great experience to learn more about my Jeep and taking care of it. 

To check your Jeep's Radiator get underneath and look at the bottom of the radiator. If there is a leak you will see a pinkish color build up like mine.  Once the old radiator was out we saw more of the coolant build up.

radiator leaks - pink in color

pink radiator leaks
Why the leak? Speculation is the new "organic" coolant used in my year Jeep has some sort of chemical reaction with the solder in the aluminum radiator which causes the leak. As of 2023 the new Radiator is holding strong. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Hi-Lift Jack Safety Tips

Versatile and Dangerous Off-Road Tool

The Hi-Lift Jack is one of the most versatile tools for off-road recovery. However, it can be one of the most dangerous and deadly tools if not used properly. 

How-to Use the Hi-lift Jack Safely 👉 Watch Here

It is very important when using the Hi-Lift Jack to read over the instructions several times to familiarize yourself with the do's and don'ts. Safety should be number one. 

Hi-Lift Jack sent me a jack to review and post a "How To Safely Use" video. After several hours of research reading and watching videos, I put the jack to use. 

I found during the basic use of lifting my Jeep Wrangler it works great. I had no issues, but I was following the instructions and safety protocol. 


Occasionally Jeep Momma partners with brands and PR agencies to review products ono this website and promote them via my social media accounts for which I receive free products and /or compensation. All views and opinions are my own. Please know I only post about products I believe would be helpful and useful. 

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