Monday, September 22, 2014

Barricade Jeep Rock Sliders Install

A Must Modification for Off-Roaders

The folks at ExtremeTerrain  sent me a pair of rock sliders -- the Barricade Rock Sliders -- to review.

Barricade Off-Road Sliders  👉Buy Here

Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper 👉 Buy Here 

Step 1 

First step was to remove the factory plastic steps. I broke out the tools I needed and sat down to work. I attached the ratchet to the bolt and began to pull... and pull... and pull... and pull... I even swore a bunch of times. I was bound and determined to do this whole change by myself. I was turning the ratchet the wrong way. I got confused laying "upside down" everything is backwards. I was doing lefty loosy righty tighty the wrong way.

Once I had that squared away it was a quick and easy removal.

Step 2

The removal of the body mount bolts. I took the advice of many online Jeepers and sprayed the body mounts with WD 40.

I don't think this actually made a difference for my Jeep. It's pretty new and there wasn't really a whole lot of rust. Actually there wasn't any rust but a lot of dirt and mud. I think this was a trick by everyone. The WD 40 created a muddy greasy mess. Or maybe WD 40 isn't really to help loosen things up but to make things messy just so it looks like you were working hard.

The body mount bolts didn't need a whole lot of muscle, with just a little force and lots of grunting they came loose. However, they kept spinning and spinning and spinning. I couldn't figure out what in the world was going on. So again -- I headed back to my computer. I emailed a fellow Jeeper and texted another. After some good tips I went back out and tried again. 

With the use of my ratchet and some channel locks -the first bolt popped out. Those body mount bolts are pretty persnickety. They need a firm but gentle pull and out they come.

Step 3 

Now it was time to install the Rock Sliders. 

I looked around the garage for something to hold up the heavy steel sliders while I attached them to the Jeep. At the time I didn't have jack stands. These would make for a great investment. 

Jack Stands 👉 Buy Here

It was quite hard since our garage is mostly made up of soccer balls and bikes. This is were the resourcefulness of a mom comes in handy.

I grabbed the rolled up garden hose I bought a couple of weeks ago and an old paint bucket. I lined up the sliders to the body mounts on the Jeep and started the attachment process. 

Step 4

Before the attaching the body mount bolts and sliders to the Jeep the giant washers needed to be put in the sliders. 

The body mount washers to drop into the round hole of the attachment point of the slider rail. UGH!! It was millimeters off.  It was suggested I use a hammer. BAM! BAM!

It was more of a gentle tap and they were in. 

Step 5

Lining up the bolts. 

I was able to get the first bolt into place, and it started to tighten. Yeah Me!  It was working. Then came the next bolts.

I slide my legs under the slider, and held it up with all my might and started turning the ratchet again. But then... the spinning and spinning and spinning started to happen again. Thank goodness the kids were still at school because you would have thought a pirate was working in our garage. 

I double checked I had my rights and lefts correct, but it still was spinning and spinning. I headed into the house to get help . I was informed these kind of bolts in the body mount need weight pulling them down to be able to tighten.

Another new lesson working on my Jeep. 

The rest was pretty simple -- a couple of turns of the ratchet and they were done.

Turns out this was probably the best modification I made to my Jeep. They have protected my Jeep many times as I slide up over and around rocks. 

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 ExtremeTerrain provided the rock sliders for review. No additional compensation received.  All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Off-Road Adventures Increase My Self-Esteem

Jeep Life Adventures and Personal Growth

Rausch Creek Off-Road Adventure

Discovering the Joys of Jeeping

Off-roading in a Jeep is an exhilarating experience that never gets old. Each time I hit the trails, I'm amazed at the things I learn. The endless possibilities of off-roading experiences and Jeep modifications keep the adventure fresh and exciting.

Learning and Growing on the Trails

My Self-Esteem Grows with each Off-Road Adventure.

I'm not just learning about my Jeep's capabilities; I'm also learning about mechanical aspects like differentials, gears, tires, suspension, and coils. These lessons have sparked an interest in me that I never knew I had. The interactions with fellow Jeep enthusiasts make the learning process even more enjoyable.

In addition to the technical education, I'm also learning a lot about myself. I'm rediscovering my confidence and realizing that I have natural instincts when it comes to driving in challenging conditions.

Natural Instincts and Confidence

Confidence in the Snow! 

Growing up in the Midwest, I learned to drive in harsh winter conditions, navigating snow-packed roads and icy streets. I believe this experience has contributed to my ability to handle challenging driving situations, but I also think some of us are simply born with a natural instinct for driving in difficult conditions.

While some drivers never seem to master the art of driving in rain or snow, even after living in the north their whole lives, I've found that off-roading in my Jeep has helped me unlock my innate driving abilities and boosted my confidence in the process.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Off Road Adventure #2

I'm so overwhelmed with so many stories to share with you from this weekend I don't know where to begin, so I decided I better break it down in to several mini stories.

Yesterday, was my second off road driving class -- the Advanced Driving Course 201 at Rausch Creek just outside of Tremont Pennsylvania. It was my fourth time off roading. I set my alarm for 5am so I could hit the road early for the two and a half hour drive. Of course I didn't need the alarm because I was so excited for the day to begin I was up by 4:30 am. Once in the car the ride was pretty fast. 

You wouldn't believe all the Jeeps I saw on the road. Every time I saw a Jeep pass by a smile would form on my face. This one particular Jeep that passed me ended up being one of the other Jeeps in the driving course with me. They were two exchange students from overseas going to college in downtown DC. It's amazing how the love for Jeeps is shared across the globe.         

Once we arrived at Rausch Creek and checked in we headed over to the other Jeeps who were taking the 201 course with us. All together with the driving instructor there were seven Jeeps. Mine was the only 4-door stock. There was a 2-door stock Sport but since my wheelbase is longer I had the least amount of clearance out of all the Jeeps. There were some pretty intense moments. 

After airing down the tires - which by the way I'm going to have to invest in those "air down thingies" - Haha - That's technical Jeep Mom jargon -- we headed out for the greens and the blues.  At Rausch Creek, like on ski trails, they name the trails for their difficulties. Obviously the greens and the blues are the least difficult trails. We all put our Jeeps in 4 low and headed out. 

I was lucky enough to find a friend to take with me in my Jeep. Amanda is a mom I met online who lives near Rausch Creek. She has a love for Jeeps just like me. But her love for Jeeps started many, many years ago. I will tell you more about my great new Jeep BFF in a later post - so stay tuned. 

Amanda ended up being my co-pilot. Any time you go off road it's a good idea to have a co-pilot in the passenger seat. Amanda was a jack of all trades. She took pictures and videos, spotted for me, which by the way she was very calm and precise and I felt confident with her judgement - something you need to have in a spotter. She also brought lunch -- the best sub sandwiches in the world!

We spent six hours on the rocky, muddy trails at Rausch Creek. Some of the obstacles were pretty intense, especially in a 4-door Stock Wrangler and if you are not very experienced on the trail. 

But I felt confident in our driving instructor, Kyle. He has many, many years of experience and isn't going to put our Jeeps in danger of damage. His confidence and knowledge about the trails and Jeeps is what I needed to push my Jeep through some of the obstacles. Plus -- I need to remember how capable the Jeep is. Even my itty bitty stock Wrangler.

Every time we completed an obstacle I kept wanting more and more. The adrenaline rush you get when you make it through the obstacle is addicting - a good kind of addiction. Although looking at these pictures and the videos the trails don't look as intense as they feel like inside driving your Jeep. The rocks look ten times bigger and the bounces feel ten times bouncier. And the clanging noises ---  and scrapping sounds --- coming from underneath the Jeep --- can scare the Ba-jeezuz our of you.

My Jeep faired really good considering my low clearance. However, at one point there was a little trail damage made to my Jeep from one of the rocks. But, Kyle knew exactly what to do to fix it. Stay tuned for more on Jeep Momma's close call.

Also you may want to check out these video's. Just so you know -- it was really me and my Jeep out there driving through the large "baby" rocks on the trails. 

It was a great day and I look forward to more trail riding, Jeep friend making and lots of Jeep transformations and modifications! The best thing was the new friends I made! I can't wait to join them again out on the trails.

                    -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

Monday, September 8, 2014

Spray Paint vs. Plasti Dip



Pick Your Color

My favorite color is purple and decided to add purple accessories to my black Jeep. I planned on turning the silver D-Rings purple. Before I made it permanent I decided to test the color out on some smaller D-rings to see what it would look like. I decided to compare using spray paint versus plasti-dip. Plasti-dip came highly recommended on the internet. 

I started with the spray paint first. 

Dupli-Color Automotive Self-Etching Primer 👉 Buy Here 
A can Valspar Premium Finish spray paint 👉 Buy Here  

I sanded down the D-ring, washed it off, let it dry and proceeded to use the self-etching paint. After a couple of coats and letting it dry thoroughly it was ready for the purple paint. 

The second D-Ring I used Performix Plastic Dip - purple. This did not take as long. I just hung up the d-ring and sprayed. I used about 4 coats per the suggestion on the can. It was a quick and easy process.

So after letting them both dry completely, I put them on my Jeep just to see how the purple would look. Now I know these D-rings are smaller than the ones that came with the my bumper, I was getting a feel how the purple would work. 

I felt the spray painted d-ring had a better more professional look then the plasti dip D-ring. I know the plasti dip can be peeled off and it's right back to silver -- the original look. The plastic dip process was a lot less time consuming. 

The plasti dip D-ring also feels sticky and looks like it will get marked up quicker. All in all I like the look of the spray painted D-ring vs the plasti dip D-ring.


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