Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wild Boar Grab Handle Install

A Pillar Grab Handle: A Must-Have for Jeep Enthusiasts

Getting into a lifted Jeep can be challenging without the proper grab handles. The ones on the roll bars often don't provide enough assistance. However, these A pillar grab handles are a game-changer for both drivers and passengers.

My Jeep on a decline

I chose Wild Boar grab handles from Amazon, and they have proven to be a fantastic modification for my Jeep. These handles are both durable and sturdy, withstanding years of my use without any issues.

Wild Boar Grab A Pillar Grab Handle 👉 Buy Here

Wild Boar Grab Handles 

Popular Among Jeep Owners

Many Jeep owners, including myself, refer to these handles as "Oh Shit" handles. When you are in a sketchy situation you need to grab hold of them.

They are a common sight in the Jeep community in many different variety. They looked like an easy installation. I even found a helpful installation video on YouTube that made the process seem straight forward. 👉 Watch Here

Factory bolt holes

The Installation Process: Easier Said Than Done

While the installation process appeared simple in the video, I encountered some difficulties. The steps involved inserting a bolt through the handle into the standoff, then lining up the bolt with the holes on the A pillar. It seemed easy, but aligning the bolts was a real challenge.

This is what a lot of Youtubers do. They make it look easy when really it's not. I have heard from several others who bought these and had the same issue. They are worth the struggles though. 

A pillar Wild Boar grab handle

My Installation Experience

After two hours of jiggling, maneuvering, and some frustration, I finally managed to align the bolts and secure the handles. It was a tough process, but the end result was worth the effort. The handles are now securely in place and provide excellent support when getting into the Jeep.

Side view of the Wild Boar grab handle

My Final Thoughts

Despite the installation challenges, the Wild Boar grab handles are a valuable addition to any lifted Jeep. Their toughness and sturdiness make them a must-have for anyone looking to improve the accessibility and safety of their vehicle.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

UndertheSunInserts Review

Decorative Jeep Grille Insert

Purple Flag Under the Sun Insert on my Jeep

I met Joe from Under the Sun Inserts on a podcast. He was a guest talking about his company and a new product they had. He suggested I would like their product but I was hesitant to try something new for my Jeep. I had the purple grille inserts and loved the look. 

Purple Flag Under the Sun Insert on my Jeep

Joe suggested a purple American Flag for my Jeep. I agreed to give it a shot and review the custom made grille. 


Easy Install

Grille plastic tabs

The install was so easy. The first step is to pull back your grille. Then insert the Under the Sun Insert.  

Under the Sun Inserts Install 👉Watch Here

How to Remove Your Grille👉 Read Here

Purple Flag Under the Sun Insert on my Jeep

The whole process took at the most five minutes. Much easier than  some of the homemade, DIY, ideas you find on the internet. These aluminum inserts are durable and strong. Easy to clean up with a spray of your garden hose.

The best part... they are like a t-shirt for your Jeep. You could get one for every season. Chose from their many styles or get one custom made.  

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