Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Off-road Training - 301 Class

Why Proper Training Makes All the Difference

If you’re like me, nothing beats the excitement of conquering rugged terrains with your Jeep, feeling the adrenaline rush as you climb over rocks and splash through creeks. But before you go revving your engines and heading to the most challenging trails, there’s something crucial you should consider: off-road driving training. Today, I’m here to share my personal journey and why investing in proper training isn't just an option; it’s a necessity to truly dominate off-road.

Learning the Ropes: My Training at Rausch Creek

Three weeks after upgrading my Jeep with a new lift kit, the excitement was palpable. I was ready to test the limits of my ride at Rausch Creek Off Road Park, a haven for off-road enthusiasts like myself. But I knew better than to dive headfirst without a strategy. This is where the importance of proper training comes in. I enrolled in a 301 driving class with Off Road Consulting, known for tailoring their courses from stock to extreme to suit each driver's needs.

Devil's DenTrail, Rausch Creek Off-road Park 👉Watch Here

My first Stock lesson and My First Lifted Jeep Lesson

Imagine this: you’re at the foot of a steep, rocky path, the kind that makes your heart skip a beat. That was me on one of the black trails at Rausch Creek. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone. Kyle, my instructor, was right there. Having been my guide when I first tested my Jeep’s capabilities. His patience and deep reservoir of 4x4 knowledge were exactly what I needed. Kyle has this knack for turning complex off-road concepts into practical “tools” for my “driver’s toolbox.”

Under Kyle’s guidance, I learned the best approaches to tackle those intimidating trails safely and confidently. It’s one thing to read about off-roading techniques; it’s another to have an expert coach you through as you do it.

The Real Deal: Why Off-Road Training Matters

You might wonder, "Can’t I just figure this out on my own?" Sure, trial and error is one way to learn, but off-roading isn’t just about pushing boundaries—it’s about knowing your limits and understanding how to navigate the unforeseen. Here’s why structured off-road training like what I experienced can elevate your off-roading game:

Safety First: Off-road training teaches you critical safety techniques to prevent rollovers, collisions, and other common accidents in rough terrains.
Skill Enhancement: Each lesson is designed to enhance your driving skills, giving you the confidence to handle more challenging terrains as you progress.
Understanding Your Vehicle: Training helps you understand the capabilities and limits of your Jeep, crucial for modifications and upgrades.
Preparedness: From recovery tactics to trail etiquette, you learn to be prepared for anything the trail throws at you.

Off-Road Future

If you’re serious about off-roading, consider this: every great journey begins with a solid foundation, and off-road training provides just that. Whether you’re a novice eager to get your tires muddy for the first time or a seasoned driver looking to polish your skills, the right training can make a world of difference.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

How To Get into a Lifted Jeep

Three Easy Steps 

Since my recent changes to my Jeep -- it is lifted in case you missed it -- getting in and out have been somewhat comical.  

I have embarrassed myself trying to climb into the now much higher driver's seat. I decided I better come up with a good plan on getting in without looking like a fool.  

Step 1 

Place your right foot on the rock sliders. Hopefully you have them on your Jeep. 

Step 2

Take your right hand and grab onto the grab handles on your roll bar. Make sure you have strong grab handles. Mine are from EK Motorsports.

Step 3

Pull with your right hand and push with your right foot and swing your bottom onto the driver's seat.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Molle Tailgate Panel: Jeep Storage Solution

Justice Off-Road Molle Tailgate Panel Review

Justice Off-Road Molle Tailgate Panel

Storage Solution

The Justice Off-road Molle Tailgate Panel offers an innovative and versatile solution for addressing storage needs in the Jeep Wrangler. It provides a customizable and easily accessible storage space. 

The Molle Panel features a grid of webbing and straps inspired by military MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) systems, allowing users to attach a variety of pouches, bags, and accessories securely. This modular design enables Jeep owners to organize and optimize their storage configuration based on their individual requirements, whether it's for tools, recovery gear, or other essentials needed for off-road adventures.

Jeep Momma's Storage Solution Ideas 👉 Watch Here

Justice Off-Road Molle Tailgate Panel

Utilizing Space

One of the key advantages of the Molle Panel Tailgate Panel is its ability to efficiently utilize the often underutilized space on the tailgate. Jeep Wrangler owners can transform this previously unused area into a functional and accessible storage solution, freeing up valuable interior space for passengers or larger items. 

Jeep Momma using a drill to install panel

Simple, Easy Install

The directions called for a step drill bit or a 13/32" drill bit, and a center punch. Luckily I had a friend who had the tools and helped me install the panel onto my tailgate. A Rivnut tool was provided. I didn't have the hand strength to use it so my friend helped me. 

A Friends Help Needed

 Justice Off-Road 👉 Buy Here 

Attaching Molle Bags to panel

When it came time to weave in the molle bags to the panel I knew there was a specific way to weave in the bags. I checked out my friends, CPO from Overclock3d instructional video.

Molle Bag Instructional Weaving Video 👉 Watch Here

Molle weaving

The strap on the Molle bag should be weaved through the panel then to the bag and back again to the panel. CPO does a great job explaining this in his video. 

Molle First Aid Kit

On my tailgate panel I have the first aid kit from Justice Off Road. The kit features a "rip away" mounting system with attachment straps. A very cool feature when you are on the trails and need to take the first aid kit with you. You can just un-clip the straps, "rip" the bag from the panel then take it with you.

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