Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buying More Jeep Stuff

As you know I had tickets for the AC/DC concert on March 17th. Sadly, they had to cancel the rest of the US Tour. I was really bummed because they are my favorite band of all time, and I have never seen them live. However, I was refunded the money for the tickets I purchased. Whoo-hoo -- it was kinda like getting free money. 

So I decided to buy myself a present. But I wasn't sure what I wanted until I saw this video.  
    MOLLE Tailgate Cover install

After watching CPO's video I headed over to Justice Offroad and bought the Molle (pronounced Molly like the name) Tailgate Storage Panel Kit.

A heavy duty "Mil-Spec" Molle Panel designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU Tailgate. This Molle panel is triple stiched heavy duty fabric made to military Type 111 specifications right here on the East Coast. There are 8 mounting points so the panel will not sage when mounted properly. 

I also ordered the Condor, the large Molle utility pouch. I am using this bag as my first aid kit.

I then headed over to Blue Ridge Overland Gear to try out their pouches. Dan Cole from The 4X4 podcast swears by this gear. So I thought I would give both a try since they both have great reviews from two friends. 

I purchased three more pouches from Blue Ridge. The small and medium hook pouches, and the small Molle pouch.

I spent a couple of hours re-organizing my Jeep and moving all my "stuff" into the pouches. Both sets from both companies are very well made and durable. I love all the different sizes. The smaller Molle bag works great for my tire deflators and electronic tire gauge. 

The smaller hook bag works perfect for all my band aids. I can also velcro this bag right onto the Condor bag which I am using as a first aid kit. Now I don't need to go digging for band aids. I can just pull off the small hook bag and get right to them.

 Now I just need to set up a install "party" with my friend Chris so I can properly install the Molle panel. I am a little bit nervous about drilling holes into my Jeep. 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Purple Interior Completed!

The weather was warm enough this past weekend to finally finish up painting the interior accents in my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

The air vents can be a little tricky to take off if you don't know the secret. Before any sort of work I do on my Jeep, I first hit up You Tube videos. I was lucky enough to find this video that helped me to get the silver vent rings off.

Tools Needed: 

1 Flat head screwdriver


Just make sure you don't grab the flashlight your kids used as a Batman signal. 

First locate the hole inside the vent and line up with another hole in the casing by turning the vent. Then use the flat head screwdriver by inserting it in the hole to push down on a lever. Then turn the vent counter-clockwise and pull.  This does take a couple of tries before you get the feel for it. Once you figure it out it is pretty easy. 

The flashlight will help you align up the holes which are near the top of the vent on the inside. 

Once you remove the vent insert, gently place the screwdriver under -- so slightly -- to pop the silver tab. Do this with all the tabs around the ring. 

Then it's time to paint them. I used a paint + primer, Valspar premium finish with micromist spray.

After you let the rings dry it's time to put them back on. First you line up the tabs, then snap them into place. 

Next you align the vent with the Jeep letters at about the 11 o'clock position. The  vent should slide into place. One the vent is in place you turn it clock-wise to lock it into place.   

A simple, easy Jeep Project to give your Jeep your own unique look.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hitting the OffRoad Trails in My Jeep

Every time I wheel at Rausch Creek Off Road Park it is a whole new experience. There are so many trails on the 3,000 acres of property, that I am always finding a new trail and a new discovery. This last excursion into the Blue Ridge Mountains held several firsts. 

Yesterday, I mentioned one of them, earning a Jeep Badge of Honor badge. I did this by completing Trail 11, which was a more difficult green trail. The green trails are the easy trails. The next step up are intermediate trails -- the blue trails. Then black, purple and red. 

For comparison, the Jeep BOH app rates Trail 11's difficulty as 2 - 4. The Rubicon Trail in California is a 10. The two other Rausch Creek Trails are Crawl Daddy and Crawler's Ridge, both a difficulty of 5 to 9.

This trip I also tackled a couple of blue trails and did very well, even in my stock (clearance wise)  Rubicon. It amazes me what a stock Jeep can do, especially the Rubicon. After driving the Sahara for a year I can definitely tell a difference on the trails with my beast of the Rubicon.

I also finally felt the confidence to try out my Axle Lock button. As I watched the other Jeep's in my group struggle to tackle a rocky hill, I decided to try out the Axle Lock button. I remember Clayton used it when I was driving the Clayton Offroad Jeep a couple of months back. So I felt pretty confident in my ability to use it. 

All in all this was a fantastic trip with many Jeep firsts. The only thing that would have made it better would be video of my Jeep from the outside of my Jeep. I feel this would help give me a better perspective of how the Jeep looks. Maybe someday I will find a wheelin' partner who likes to take videos. 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

50 Before 50: #8 Check

Finally a free weekend!! 

Saturday I was finally able to find some free time, so I headed to Rausch Creek Off Road park for a little Jeep Mom time on the trails.

I met up with some folks from the Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance, a Jeep Club I belong too. They are always a great group to wheel with. I have wheeled with them in the past. They are patient and don't pressure you to do trails you feel might be too difficult for your Jeep. They also are great teachers and awesome spotters! 

This time I had an agenda.

I wanted to wheel trail 11, a more difficult green trail. This trail is also one of the trails in the Jeep Badge of Honor program. Everyone in my group was game, so we all downloaded the app. Then checked in to Trail 11 on our phones. 

The trail was more difficult than I expected. But it was definitely doable for a stock (clearance wise) Jeep.

There were portions of the trail that had a by-pass around some of the more difficult spots. As you can see from the videos I persevered and took the more difficult path. In my group I was the only one still at stock height. That seems to be the case most of the time.  Some day I hope my Jeep will grow and gain more clearance. 

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jeep Momma Purple

Yesterday I met up with CPO Chris Poldervaart from Jeeps Needs to pick up my D Lift Adaptor (DLA) in my very own color, Jeep Momma Purple.

What is a DLA? Click here

Last December I met with Chris for a demonstration of the DLA. Then I wrote a review on this new-to-the-market product.

Click here for the 
December 15, 2015

During that demonstration Chris and I found an issue with the DLA not working with my shackle/d-ring. Jeeps Needs made a slight adjustment to the opening to the DLA after our discovery, and because of my participation they wanted to thank me. So they added my very own color, Jeep Momma purple. 

I was able to pick out the purple they now offer in their color selection for the DLA.  So you too can have your very own Jeep Momma Purple DLA! 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Purple All The Way?

I finally finished up spray painting the chrome plastic accents for my doors and the glove box.  Check out my previous blog post to see how easy it can be to personalize the interior of you Jeep. 

So, now that all the door and glove box accents are attached, I wonder if I should paint the air vents purple as well. Does the chrome and purple look good? If the vents are purple, will it be too much purple?

I would love your input. Comment and let me know what I should do! 

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Steering Attenuator - The Griffin UPDATE!

Last April I installed the steering attenuator -- now called The Griffin -- by Steer Smarts. At the time I posted a review.

I also reviewed the product on the Jeep Talk Show podcast on Episode 176. 

The (attenuator) Griffin is constructed to reduce the harsh
road feedback attributed to the stock JK(U) steering system -- jittery steering wheel. It is a highly engineered direct swap-out for your drag link adjusting sleeve. It is intended to make the Jeep safer while improve your driving experience.

In April 2015 I reported the Griffin lived up to the company claims. My Jeep driving experience on the interstate was so much more relaxing. 

"It wasn't until about half way back down the busy I-95 trek home did I realize I was cruising along at over 75 mph with one hand on the steering wheel. I was lost in my thoughts of what I needed to get done that day. I hadn't even once had to stretch my hands out because they had been in a white knuckle grip on my steering wheel. I was even able to change lanes, and pass the slower cars instead of being the slower one in the far right lane the whole trip."
~Jeep Momma April 2015

My drive in the Jeep is so much more relaxing I forget the Griffin is even there (but isn't that the point). A fellow Jeeper asked me what my thoughts were about the product now that it's almost been a year since I had it installed on my Jeep. I will say, I feel the same way. It has held up fantastic. I have had no issues (knock on wood). My off-roading experience has not changed either. I would give this product 10 out of 10 stars! 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jeep Mom Life Changes

For the past two years I have been applying for job after job after job. Out of about 100 jobs applied for, I only received two call backs. One of those was an interview. Obviously I did not get either of those jobs. There loss!!!

The job search became very depressing. I started to doubt myself, and wonder if I would ever be able to find a job that would be more than a minimum wage job. 

Finally, about two weeks ago I received a call. A friend suggested I would be a perfect fit for a position in an elevator design company. I went to check it out, and now I am a full-time working mom. Check Off #33 50 Before 50 List

After 16 years of staying home to raise my boys I begin a new life adventure. I am excited to start this journey. This position as an office manager/Asst. Project Manager is the perfect job for my skill set and my love for organization. 

However, it will be an adjustment for my family and for me an adjustment of balancing going back to work and continuing my mom job, and continuing my "Jeep life". 

I look forward to this new adventure! Now I can stop selling my kids' Legos for Jeep parts. 

- Enjoying Life! Simple Living! - 
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Waiting for Jeep Accessories

I received a thank you gift this past week of a $50 Amazon
gift card. I have been searching Amazon for something "Jeep" to buy. Of course the really cool stuff for my Jeep is much more than $50, but I ended up finding a center console arm rest pad and cover. I thought this would be a good purchase since I like going topless quite a bit in the summer. The sun beating down on the console causes it too heat up quite a bit to where I would burn my arm.  

Now I just need to find something else because I have about $25 more dollars left on the gift card. 

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jeep Wrangler Unique Interior

As I save money and do research for my lift and bigger tires for the Jeep, I struggle with not "working" on my Jeep each weekend. So it's nice when I get quick, inexpensive ideas from other Jeepers. This past weekend as I was washing my Jeep... YES I WASH MY JEEP. After a winter of harsh road salt I needed to wash it all off to protect my Jeep... 

Okay, back to this past weekend, as I was washing my Jeep... I decided to break out my "Jeep" Tools and take off the plastic silver door accents.  

It is super easy to do. The special Jeep Torx Screwdriver, which I received free when I bought my Rubicon, works on all the special screws on the Jeep Wrangler. I used it when I attached my off road lights to the A pillar. 

AMAZON: Jeep Torx Screwdriver for Hard Top & Door Removal

Then I spray painted them -- guess what color?  Yep, you guessed it Purple. I just did one to see how it looks, and how easy it would be. So it looks like this weekend I will finish the other three doors. Then I will move onto the air vents.  

This was a fun, quick, and easy Jeep project. I just hope I painted them right. I guess time will tell. As for the removal of the air vents, again it looks like a simple and easy process. I found this you tube video on the air vent removal. I hope it is easy as the video shows. I will keep you posted.  

AC Vent Removal, 2011+ Jeep Wranglers - You Tube Video 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jeep Wrangler Upside-Down Mirror

With the beautiful weather this past weekend I finally got around to trying out a Jeep Tip I mentioned last Wednesday. This tip was turning your rear-view mirror upside down for better visibility.  It is a simple process. 

First pivot your mirror, spin it around, and push it back up. 

With the mirror positioned "upside-down" you do get a better coverage area. However, the "reading" lights on the mirror are now pointed to the top of the Jeep. I have never used them, so I won't miss them. What I don't understand is why they don't install the mirrors this way in the first place. 

The bottom of the mirror measures longer than the top. When you spin it around so the bottom is the top it then gives you more viewing in the location that is needed. 

My only dilemma now is where to put my CB radio. I had just recently installed a Rugged Ridge CB Mount above the rear-view mirror. After testing out the placement for awhile, I found I don't like this spot. Then with the mirror spun around my larger CB Radio doesn't fit. So it looks like back to square one with the CB radio. 

                - Enjoying Life! Simple Living! - The Jeep Momma Way -

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