Monday, September 28, 2020

How To Wheel Responsibly

Tips to be a Responsible Off-roader

My Jeep on the Rubicon Trail. 

As responsible off-road enthusiasts, we want to do our best to minimize trail damage. Trail damage is one of the reasons we are getting our trails shut down. Sometimes off roaders may not be aware that certain types of wheeling is damaging our community, our trails and their own Jeeps.

 "How we wheel today affects how we can wheel tomorrow and how are children can wheel in the future."

Like I always tell my kids, just because it's on TV or the internet doesn't make it right or true. 

Wheel Spinning is Not Good 👉 Watch Here 

There are many ways to destroy the trails and excessive wheel spin is just one. Excessive wheel spin is irresponsible wheeling.  Don’t Spin To Win. Not only does such behavior tear up the trails, but it gives off-roading a bad name that can be used against us when environmentalists and disapproving lawmakers make regulations restricting our activity.

What does Wheel Spin does... 

Wheel spin tears up soft terrain like mud and creates ruts. It also tears up rocks and gravel. Some rocks can be flaky and wheel spin tears up that rock and changes the terrain and eventually that trail will get worn down. This can change a difficult trail to an easy trail. It shoots all that gravel and rock from the tires. This can be very dangerous when people are on the trail watching Jeeps wheel through obstacle.  

The other part of this is excessive wheel spin puts your vehicle in harm’s way and can cause damage to your vehicle. As that rig bounces up in the air with the tires continually spinning… Once it comes down onto the ground it shock loads the suspension. That is not good. That is when axles and driveshafts break.

Wheel spinning: Ordinarily, wheel spinning is the result of one of two things: Driver error or having the wrong equipment. Either one throws rocks or mud on other vehicles or can cause ruts in the trail, making it an unpleasant experience for the next person. If you find yourself in a situation where you are spinning excessively, try another line or turn around.

Tips to Minimize Affects on the Trails

  • Travel only in areas open to 4x4 vehicles
  • Drive over not around obstacles
  • Straddle ruts, gullies and washouts even if wider than Jeep
  • Cross Streams only where the road crosses the stream
  • When possible avoid mud. 
  • In soft terrain go easy on the gas to avoid wheel spin as this can cause rutting.   

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